The advantages of HDI PCB

HDI stands for high-density interconnection, and this technology is very popular in the field of PCB. HDI PCB can provide great help for technology. Because they help simplify circuit boards, they can do more with less space. This means the board size tends to be smaller, and the electronic devices that use these types of boards tend to be smaller. They can perform well, but they have smaller and more simplified packages.
Consider how many different types of equipment have become smaller and smaller in the past decade. One of the reasons is to use HDI PCB. The advantages of HDI PCB are obvious, such as:
Smaller components mean smaller products
Those who are looking for a smaller circuit board will find that HDI PCB is a good solution. HDI boards are ideal for focusing on weight, space, reliability and performance. When designing circuit boards using this technology, it allows more components to be contained in a smaller space. They can be mounted on both sides of the circuit board, so they can do more than standard circuit boards of the same size.
Low power consumption
Another biggest benefit of choosing HDI PCBs is that they consume less power. This naturally leads to longer battery life. When creating any device that uses batteries, the longer the battery life, the better. I believe that most consumers don’t want items that require frequent charging. They want a product with a longer battery life, and these high-density interconnector circuit boards may be the ideal solution.
Cost-effective option
Another benefit of using HDI PCBs is their cost-effectiveness. They are smaller and often cost the same or lower than other boards, which takes up more space. For those looking for quality options, these boards are a great solution. You don't have to spend more money or take up more space on the motherboard to get the functions you need.
Better signal integrity
HDI combines in-pad via and blind via technology. This helps to place components close to each other, thereby reducing the length of the signal path. HDI technology eliminates stubs, thereby reducing signal reflections and improving signal quality. Therefore, since the signal path is shorter, signal integrity can be significantly improved.

HDI PCB application range
Medical equipment
HDI PCB is having an impact on the medical industry. Medical devices are usually HDI because they can be installed in small devices such as implants, laboratories, and imaging equipment. Medical equipment plays a vital role in diagnosing diseases and also provides life support. For example: pacemakers, diagnostic and monitoring facilities. Through the miniaturized camera size, the inside of the patient can be observed and a correct diagnosis can be established. The camera is getting smaller, but the image quality is not affected. HDI PCB technology makes these advancements possible.

Automobile industry
Car manufacturers are extremely interested in small PCBs because they can save more space in the car. With the introduction of future cars, the integration of electronic devices to provide a better driving experience has become the main focus of automakers.
Smart phones and tablets
All smart phones are HDI PCBs with ELIC (Each Layer Interconnect) structure. HDI PCB is responsible for making thinner and smaller portable electronic devices.
Wearable technology
With the introduction of Apple Watch and other wearable devices (such as VR headsets), HDI has become a major stakeholder in the consumer market. Due to its excellent functionality, wearable technology is becoming more and more popular among young people.
Military and aerospace
HDI is incorporated into military communications equipment and other strategic equipment, such as missiles and defense systems. HDI PCB is very suitable for extreme environments and hazardous conditions, so it is very suitable for aerospace and military applications.
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