Analysis of the potential of FPC soft board industry

FPC is short for flexible PCB。FPC soft board is the fastest growing sub-industry in PCB printed circuit boards. Flexible PCB is a printed circuit board with high reliability and excellent flexibility made of flexible copper clad laminate. As an important category of PCB printed circuit boards, flexible PCB has the advantages of high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness, foldability, bending resistance, high temperature resistance, three-dimensional wiring and other types of circuit boards incomparable advantages, and it is more in line with electronic product intelligence The development trend of modernization and portability is bound to be widely used.

The market for emerging consumer electronic products such as smart phones is rapidly emerging, and the trend of miniaturization and thinning of equipment is becoming more and more obvious. Traditional PCBs can no longer meet the requirements of products. For this reason, major manufacturers have begun to research new technologies to replace PCBs. Among them, flexible PCB, as the most popular technology, is becoming the main connection accessory for electronic devices.
FPC has the characteristics of light, thin and bendable, and it is the preferred connection device for wearable devices. In recent years, with the gradual maturity of global wearable technology, the application prospects have broadened. It is considered that it is expected to form a larger market after smart phones The product. Flexible PCB performance characteristics are in line with the requirements of wearable devices and become the first choice for wearable devices. The rapid development of new terminal products such as wearable devices will also enable the continuous expansion of FPC applications. FPC's own unique characteristics meet a variety of research and development needs, which will determine the huge potential of the FPC market in the future.

The role of flexible PCB in mobile phone camera

Flexible PCB soft boards account for a large proportion of applications in smart phones, and their applications cover the needs of components such as batteries, screens, cameras, side buttons, antennas, fingerprint modules, and speakers. The excellent characteristics of FPC flexible circuit board determine its application advantages in mobile phones. In the 5G era, the emergence of multifunctional smart phone modules, radio frequency modules, folding screens, and miniaturized models are all inseparable from FPC flexible circuit boards Therefore, in the development of smart phones, the amount of FPC flexible circuit boards is also increasing.

What is the role of flexible PCB soft board in mobile phone camera? In the composition of the mobile phone camera, the FPC soft board is the circuit connection part of the CMOS sensor. One end of the FPC can be connected to the gold wire of the CMOS sensor, and the other end can be connected to the mobile phone motherboard to realize a complete electrical circuit. The support of FPC soft board is inseparable for taking pictures and generating pictures with mobile phone camera. In mobile phone camera, FPC soft board has the following functions:

1. Provide electrical characteristics and play the role of electrical connection;
2. Provide mechanical properties to support the fixing and assembly of electronic components;
3. It can realize automatic placement, soldering and inspection between integrated circuits and electronic components.

FPC soft board is one of the key components that determine the picture generated by mobile phone photography, so its production process and quality are particularly important, and its quality directly affects the overall quality of the mobile phone. POE is very capable in flexible PCB.Our products are widely used in technology products such as Drone, smart wearable devices, smart home, bluetooth, vehicle and vehicle navigation, aeronautical instrument , medical instruments, industrial control, robots, mobile phone, laptop, LCD, projector, digital camera, security product , printer etc. Our monthly capability is 10000-15000 square meter with professional prototype and multiple mass production lines.POE PCB as China One-stop contract Manufacturing Facility,Provides the best services for sustainable innovation of electronics technology