Two ways to distinguish the quality of pcb

There is no doubt that almost one person has more than one electronic device. The rapid development of the electronics industry also promotes the rapid rise of the PCB circuit board industry. With higher quality requirements, how to distinguish the quality of PCB circuit boards has become a topic of increasing concern. Today, two methods for distinguishing the quality of circuit boards are introduced here.

The first method is visual inspection, which is mainly to check the appearance of the circuit board. The most basic thing to check the appearance is to first check whether the thickness, size and other information of the board meet the thickness and specifications you need. In addition, with the fierce competition in the PCB market, various costs continue to rise. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers continue to reduce material costs and manufacturing costs. Ordinary HB, cem-1, and cem-3 boards have poor performance and are easy to deform, and can only be used for single-sided production, while FR-4 glass fiber boards are much better in strength and performance. They are often used in double-sided and multi-sided boards. The production of laminates. The boards made of low-grade boards often have cracks and scratches, which seriously affect the performance of the boards. This is also where you need to focus on visual inspection. In addition, whether the solder mask ink coverage is flat, whether there is copper exposed; whether the character silk screen is offset, and whether the pad is on or not also need attention.

After the second method needs to be used, it comes out through performance feedback. First of all, it can be used normally after the components are installed. This requires that the circuit board has no short circuit or open circuit. The factory has an electrical test process during production to detect whether the board has an open or short circuit. However, some board manufacturers are saving The cost is not tested by electricity, so when proofing the circuit board, you must ask this point clearly. Then check the circuit board for heat generation during use, which relates to whether the line width/line distance of the circuit on the board is reasonable. When soldering the patch, check whether the pad has fallen off under high temperature conditions, causing the solder to fail. In addition, the high temperature resistance of the board is also very important. An important index of the board is the TG value. When making the plate, the engineer needs to instruct the board factory to use the corresponding board according to different usage conditions. Finally, the normal use time of the board is also an important indicator to measure the quality of a board.

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