How to improve the quality of SMT patch processing

SMT placement machine is also called placement machine. In the SMT placement processing production line, it is configured after the dispenser or screen printing machine,  the surface mount components are accurately placed on the PCB pads by moving the placement head A device.

SMT placement machine is an instrument that can quickly and accurately produce and place components. We will find that its interior is very precise. Generally, we can see that the placement machine is composed of two parts. , One is the computer system of the SMT placement machine, and the other is the main part of the SMT placement machine

The placement machine is a high-precision automation equipment suitable for SMT PCB assembly, controlled by a computer, and integrated optical, electrical and mechanical devices. When choosing a placement machine, carefully consider the placement accuracy and speed. Therefore, how to improve and ensure the placement efficiency of the placement machine is the primary task of effectively improving product quality and manufacturing efficiency and reducing costs.

SMT patch processing technology is widely used in the electronics industry. The quality of SMT patch processing is related to the final molding effect of the product and is also a test of the strength of the enterprise. Improving the quality of SMT patch processing is the constant pursuit of all SMT factory. So, how to improve the quality of SMT patch processing?
1. Selection of enterprise technical personnel
A total quality organization network is established within the enterprise to ensure timely quality feedback and accurate selection of the best quality inspectors for the production line, while the administration is still under the management of the quality department, so as to avoid interference from other factors to the quality determination work .

2. Ensure the accuracy of inspection and maintenance equipment
Product inspection and maintenance are carried out through necessary equipment and instruments, such as multimeters, anti-static bracelets, soldering irons, ICT, and so on. Therefore, the quality of the instrument itself will directly affect the production quality. It is necessary to send inspection and measurement in time as required to ensure the reliability of the instrument. POE Technology has high-precision testing equipment such as AOI and X-RAY to ensure the quality.

3. Setting of quality process control points
In order to ensure that SMT patch processing can proceed normally, the quality inspection of each process must be strengthened to monitor its operating status. Therefore, it is particularly important to set up quality control points after some key processes, so that quality problems in the previous process can be found and corrected in time to prevent unqualified products from entering the next process.

4. Formulate rules and regulations related to quality
The Quality Department shall formulate necessary quality-related rules and regulations and the department’s work responsibility system to restrict man-made avoidable quality accidents through laws and regulations, with clear rewards and penalties, and use economic means to participate in quality assessments. A monthly quality award is established within the enterprise.

5. Implementation of management measures
In addition to strictly controlling the production quality process, quality management also adopts random inspections (or full inspections) by inspectors before entering the factory for components or parts processed by outsourcing. If the pass rate is not up to the national standard, the required measures shall be returned and the inspection results shall be recorded in writing.

The POE PCB Assembly technology professional SMT patch processing plant has a strict production management system, attaches importance to the quality control of employees, and does quality prevention work in the production process to improve work efficiency and output. POE Technology has won a good reputation from customers with a professional and careful attitude and a complete quality certification system. Online contact :