The difference between wave soldering and reflow soldering in PCBA processing

In PCBA processing, two common soldering methods are reflow soldering and wave soldering.  What is the role of reflow soldering, what is the role of wave soldering, and what is the difference between them?

1. Reflow soldering:
It refers to the electrical interconnection of the pins or solder ends of the electronic components pre-mounted on the pads and the pads on the pcb by heating and melting the solder paste pre-coated on the pads, so as to achieve the electrical interconnection of the electronic components. Reflow soldering is generally divided into preheating zone, heating zone and cooling zone.

Reflow soldering process: printing solder paste>mounting components>reflow soldering>cleaning
2. Wave soldering:
Use a pump to spray the molten solder into a solder wave, and then pass the pins of the electronic components that need to be soldered through the solder wave to realize the electrical interconnection between the electronic components and the pcb board. A wave soldering machine is divided into four parts: spraying, preheating, tin furnace, and cooling.
Wave soldering process: plug-in>application flux>preheating>wave soldering>cut corners>inspect
3. The difference between wave soldering and reflow soldering:
(1) Wave soldering is where molten solder to solder the components; reflow soldering is where high-temperature hot air forms reflow and melted solder to solder the components.
(2) During reflow soldering, it has solder already before the pcb is applied to the furnace. After reflow process, the applied solder paste is only melted for soldering. During wave soldering, there is no solder before the pcb is applied to the furnace. Complete the soldering on the pads that need to be soldered.
(3) Reflow soldering is suitable for SMT electronic components, and wave soldering is suitable for through hole components.
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