The impact of 5G on PCB

The current 5G boom and the arrival of the 5G era, PCB, as the mother of the electronics industry, is also the carrier of all components. The PCB industry that accounts for the largest proportion and benefits most in this chain is undoubtedly.

The development of 5G is inseparable from the construction of large-scale data centers, which will inevitably increase servers. The development of servers is inseparable from PCBs. Due to the extremely large massive traffic carried by data centers and high requirements for transmission speeds, the number of layers and materials of PCBs The requirements for high-end communication boards will be higher and higher. In this case, the demand for high-end communication PCB will be greatly increased. In the 5G era, wireless signals will extend to higher frequency bands. Since the coverage area of base stations is inversely proportional to the communication frequency, the density of base stations and the amount of mobile data calculations will increase significantly.

At present, the industry predicts that the number of 5G base stations will reach twice that of the 4G era. In addition, there are about 10 times the number of small base stations to solve the problem of weak coverage and coverage blind spots. The amount of high-frequency PCB used for 5G base station antennas will be several times that of 4G, and the increase in IDC and communication base stations will also bring huge demand for high-speed PCBs. In addition to the increase in the number of base stations, the value of a single base station PCB board will also increase significantly. As the 5G communication frequency band increases, the number of RF front-end components, the area of the PCB board, and the number of layers will also increase. The larger area, more layers, and the use of high-frequency and high-speed substrates make base station antennas worthwhile Moving to PCB, the value of PCB of a single base station can reach twice that of the 4G era.
According to the prediction of relevant experts, the compound growth rate of the PCB industry will reach 3% from 2016 to 2021, that is, the output value in 2021 will be close to 60 billion U.S. dollars. In the current environment of rapid development of cloud computing and 5G, PCB is an important basic force in the entire electronic industry chain, and the ever-changing environment drives the new direction of PCB demand growth. As estimates, the number of newly built 5G PCB communication base stations will reach 8-9 million, and the PCB value of a single base station will be between 20,000 and 40,000, which will bring hundreds of billions of market to communication PCBs. Therefore, with the arrival of the 5G wave, The local PCB industry will usher in a golden age in the next few years.