The composition and application of LED PCB

With the increasing development of LED technology, the application of LEDs in lighting fixtures is becoming more and more common. LED lights are mainly composed of circuit boards, LED chips and driving power supplies. There are two types of commonly used circuit boards: aluminum substrates and fiberglass boards. The LED lamp using glass fiber board is not as good as the LED fluorescent tube with aluminum substrate in terms of heat dissipation. Therefore, the aluminum substrate is currently the most commonly used LED lamp PCB circuit board.
LED heat dissipation is the biggest problem facing LED PCB manufacturers. However, you can use an aluminum substrate, because aluminum has high thermal conductivity and good heat dissipation, which can effectively output internal heat
The aluminum substrate is a metal-based copper-clad laminate with good heat dissipation function. The aluminum substrate usually has a three-layer structure, which is the circuit board layer for laying out the circuit, the insulating layer for insulation and heat conduction, and the aluminum for removing heat. Grassroots. Commonly found in LED lighting products. There are two sides, the white side is for soldering the LED pins, and the other side is the natural color of aluminum. Generally, the thermal conductive paste will be applied to contact with the thermal conductive part. There are ceramic substrates and so on.

The aluminum substrate is a unique metal-based copper clad laminate with good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation properties and processability.
Characteristics of aluminum PCB
(1) Using surface mount technology (SMT);
(2) Extremely effective treatment of thermal diffusion in circuit design;
(3) Reduce the working temperature of the product, improve the power density and reliability of the product, and extend the life of the product;
(4) Reduce product size, hardware and assembly costs;
(5) Replace the fragile ceramic substrate to obtain better mechanical durability.
PCB LED application
PCB LED lamps can be integrated into many lighting applications because of their excellent energy efficiency, low cost and maximum design flexibility, such as:
traffic light
Car headlight
Military lighting
Street tunnel lighting
airport runway
Street lighting
Photovoltaic (solar) lighting
Flashlight and lantern
Hospital operating room lights
Factory lighting, etc.

As an LED circuit board solution with more than 20 years of experience, we can provide LED circuit board production, one-stop procurement and assembly components. We are happy to work with you to develop custom aluminum/metal printed circuit board for your specific application. We provide affordable aluminum substrates. Compared with the traditional FR-4, the aluminum substrate can minimize the thermal resistance and make the aluminum substrate have excellent thermal conductivity. Compared with the thick film ceramic circuit, its mechanical properties are extremely high. excellent. Cool all LED circuit components and significantly improve product performance.

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