PCB multilayer board layering principle

Pcb boards are divided into single-sided, double-layer, and multi-layer. The number of layers of multi-layer boards is not limited. At present, there are more than 100 layers of PCBs, and the common ones are four-layer and six-layer boards.
The simple four-layer board adds a power layer and a ground layer on the basis of the Top Layer and Bottom Layer, which greatly solves the problem of electromagnetic interference, improves the reliability of the system, and can also increase the wire distribution rate and reduce the area of the PCB board.
The setting of the number of layers of the multilayer board is very flexible, and the designer can make a reasonable setting according to the actual situation. So, what is the delamination principle of PCB multilayer board? The settings of various layers should meet the following points:


1. The power plane should be close to the ground plane, tightly coupled with the ground plane, and arranged below the ground plane. Below the component layer is the ground layer, which provides the device shielding layer and the reference layer for the top-level wiring;
2. The signal layer should be adjacent to the inner electrical layer, not directly adjacent to other signal layers, and all signal layers should be adjacent to the ground layer as much as possible;

3. Isolate the digital circuit from the analog circuit. If conditions permit, arrange the analog signal lines and digital signal lines in layers, and adopt shielding measures; if they need to be arranged on the same signal layer, they need to use isolation bands and ground lines to reduce interference; power supplies for analog circuits and digital circuits And the ground should be isolated from each other and cannot be mixed.
4. When designing a multilayer board, each layer should be symmetrical, and it is better to be an even copper layer. If it is asymmetrical, it will easily cause distortion.
Multilayer circuit board has many advantages, such as: high assembly density and small size; shortened wiring between electronic components, fast signal transmission speed, convenient wiring; good shielding effect, and so on. POE is an OEM PCB assembly manufacturer that focus on PCB & PCBA manufacturing over 24 years.We have the capability to manufacture pcb ranging from basic single side boards up to 40 layer multilayers, and provide one stop turnkey services, including pcb layout,manufacture,assembly,components source,function testing services and so on.