Application advantages and development prospects of FPC soft boards

With the upgrading of electronic products, FPC soft boards cater to the development trend of light, thin, short and small electronic products with their unique advantages, and play an important cornerstone role in the field of electronic information industry. FPC soft boards are mainly used in the connection of electronic products, as a signal transmission medium, with high reliability and excellent flexibility. With the continuous advancement of informatization and intelligent construction, the market demand for FPCB soft boards will also increase.
The demand for FPC soft boards in the electronics industry is increasing. One is the excellent characteristics of FPC soft boards, which are suitable for the ultra-thin requirements of electronic products; the other is the reliability requirements for FPC soft boards in high-frequency and high-speed transmission of circuits. Therefore, the market scale of FPC soft boards is constantly expanding in the electronics industry .

The advantages of FPC soft board are the high wiring and assembly density, eliminating the need for redundant cable connections; good bendability, high flexibility, and high reliability; small size, light weight, and thin thickness; the circuit can be set and  increased Layers and flexibility; simple structure, convenient installation and consistent installation.
The application fields of FPC soft boards can be divided into three categories: smart phones, wearable devices, and automotive electronics. The application on smart phones covers battery modules, display modules, touch modules, camera FPCs, connection modules, etc. A smart phone needs to be equipped with 10-15 FPC soft boards. With the commercialization of 5G, the development of smart phones towards miniaturization and large screens, the rise of folding screen phones, etc., will increase the amount of FPC soft boards. The demand for FPC soft boards in the field of smartphones is on the rise.
In addition to mobile phones, the automotive PCB electronics market is also the main battlefield of FPC. For automotive control systems, such as dashboard display, air quality, audio, monitors, sensors, etc., high signal transmission and high reliability requirements make FPC begin to show its advantages . With the emergence of new electronic products, the market and use of FPC soft boards have also expanded, and the upgrading of different types of electronic products will bring more considerable development prospects than traditional markets.