Where are multilayer PCB used and PCB circuit board classification

With the development of the times, the application of multilayer pcb circuit boards has become more and more extensive. Many friends may not be very clear about which industries are used and how many layers are needed. So first of all, POE Technology will take you to understand the use and characteristics of single-sided circuit boards, double-sided circuit boards, and multilayer circuit boards.

PCB circuit board classification
PCB circuit boards are divided into single-sided circuit boards, double-sided circuit boards, and multilayer circuit boards according to the number of superimposed layers.
The first is the single-sided circuit. On the most basic PCB, the parts are concentrated on one side, and the transmission line is concentrated on the other side. Since the transmission line only appears on one side, this type of PCB is called a single-sided circuit board. Single-sided circuit boards are generally simple to manufacture and low in engineering cost, but the drawback is that they cannot be applied to too complicated products.

The double-sided circuit board is a broadening of the single-sided circuit board. When the single-sided wiring cannot be considered for the necessity of electronic equipment, the double-sided circuit board needs to be applied. There are copper-clad and wiring on both sides, and the middle route of the double-layer can be switched on and off according to the pad to make the necessary data connection.

Multi-layer circuit board refers to a PCB with three layers of conductive pattern layers and insulating layer materials laminated at intervals, and the conductive patterns are interconnected as required. Multi-layer pcb circuit board is the material of the development trend of electronic device information technology to high-speed operation, intelligence, large space, small volume, thinness, and light weight.
PCB circuit boards are divided into flexible boards (FPC), rigid boards (PCB), and rigid-flex boards (FPCB) according to their characteristics.
How to judge double-layer pcb circuit board and single-sided pcb circuit board
1. Take it up to the light, the inner core is opaque, that is, it is all black, it is a multilayer board, on the contrary it is a single-sided circuit board, and a single-sided circuit board has only one layer of routes , There is no copper in the hole. The double-sided circuit board has a route on both sides, and there is copper in the guide hole.
2. The most fundamental difference is that the number of route superimposed layers is different:
Single-sided PCB circuit board has only one layer of route (copper layer), all holes are made of non-metallic materials, no electroplating process steps
The two-layer pcb circuit board has a double-layer route (copper layer), with metallized holes and non-metal materialized holes, and electroplating process steps
3. PCB circuit boards are divided into single-sided pcb circuit boards, double-sided pcb circuit boards and multi-layer pcb circuit boards. Multi-layer pcb circuit boards refer to pcb circuit boards with three layers and the number of superimposed layers above. The processing technology of multi-layer pcb circuit board is basically the manufacturing process of single and double-sided circuit board plus internal pressure lamination. It can also be analyzed by using slices to distract.
Which products must use PCB board
It is necessary to integrate the electronic equipment of the route. This kind of electronic equipment can save indoor space, make the product lighter/more durable/and achieve very good characteristics, it must replace the previous power line connection and then change to the pcb circuit board. PCB is very good in fulfilling the requirements of indoor space/characteristics and credibility. Not every household appliance requires a circuit board, and simple household appliances can do without power circuits such as motors. But household appliances with special functions generally require circuit boards to be completed, such as televisions, tape recorders, and computers. There is also a china PCB assembly board at the bottom of the rice cooker and a speed regulating motor in the cooling fan.
What product uses two-layer board, and what product uses multi-layer board?
The key is to see whether the two-layer board can be considered, such as anti-interference, wiring, and EMC level regulations. The two-layer board can be completed, and the multi-layer board is not necessary.

Double-layer PCB circuit board and single-sided PCB circuit board which is better
In daily life, multi-layer boards are the most widely used type of pcb circuit boards at this stage, so what are the advantages of multi-layer pcb circuit boards:
1. The relative installation density is high, the size is small, and the quality is light. Consider the requirements of the slight form of electronic products;
2. Because of the high relative density of installation, the connection between various components (including electronic devices) is reduced, and the installation operation has high credibility;
3. Because the pattern is repeatable and consistent, errors in wiring and installation are reduced, and time for maintenance, adjustment and inspection of machinery and equipment is saved;
4. It can increase the number of wiring overlay layers, thereby increasing the design plan coordination ability;
5. It can form a power circuit with a certain characteristic impedance, and can produce a point-to-point transmission power circuit;
6. The power supply circuit and equivalent circuit can be set to shield the layer, and the metal material core heat removal layer can be set to consider the special functions such as shielding and heat removal.

With the continuous development trend of electronic information technology and the continuous improvement of electronic product regulations in the manufacturing industries of electronic computers, diagnosis and treatment, airlines, etc., the forward volume of circuit boards has become smaller, the quality has been relieved, and the relative density has increased. Because of the limited indoor space available for single and double-sided pcb boards, it is impossible to achieve a further increase in the relative density of installation. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the application of more stacking layers and the assembly of relatively high-density multi-layer pcb circuit boards. Multilayer pcb circuit boards have been widely used in the production and processing of electronic equipment due to their flexible design, Medical PCB manufacturing stable and reliable electrical equipment characteristics and excellent economic development characteristics. ...