Why does PCBA processing need to do the first article inspection

POE Technology is a PCBA manufacturer that specialized in providing one-stop services for PCB manufacturing, component purchasing, SMT chip processing, DIP plug-in processing, and PCBA foundry material. Below, I will introduce why pcba manufacturing processing needs the first piece of inspection?

What is the first inspection for PCBA processing?
PCBA first piece inspection is a mistake-proof mechanism to prevent batch PCBA accidents. The first piece test must be carried out before PCBA mass production or after the processing requirements are changed. Mass production can only start after all the tests of the first piece test pass, which can reduce the risk of wrong parts, reduce the probability of errors, and effectively improve the quality of production. This method is the first article inspection mechanism (FAI-First Article Inspection)
Under what circumstances need to do the first inspection of PCBA?
1. The new product goes online for the first time;
2. Production line change or handover;
3. Change the product model;
4. Adjust equipment, tooling fixtures, and loading materials;
5. Change technical conditions, process methods and process parameters;
6. After adopting new materials or changing ECN materials.
The first inspection requirements for PCBA processing:
The first inspection of PCBA adopts three inspection systems: self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection.
1. The products submitted for inspection must be "self-inspected" by the operator first, then "mutual inspection" by colleagues, and finally "special inspection" by the inspector. After confirming that it is qualified, the subsequent products can be processed.
2. After the first product is inspected, whether it is qualified or not, it should be approved by a full-time inspector. The inspector should mark the first product that passes the inspection with the required mark and keep it until the class or batch of products is processed (all first Samples of the product must be retained for subsequent product comparison to see if the process has changed, and mark "√" with a marker to show that it has passed the first article inspection).
3. If the first piece is unqualified, the reasons should be found out, measures should be taken, and the faults should be re-processed and three inspections should be carried out. The first piece can only be determined after being qualified.
The necessity of the first inspection of PCBA processing
1. The first inspection of PCBA processing is mainly to prevent products from being out of tolerance, repairing and scrapping in batches. It is a means of pre-controlling the production process of products, an important method of product process quality control, and the company ensures product quality. , An effective and indispensable method to improve economic efficiency.
2. The first inspection of PCBA processing is to find the factors that affect product quality in the production process as soon as possible, and to prevent batch defects or scrap.
3. The first piece of PCBA processing can enter the formal production after passing the inspection, mainly to prevent the occurrence of batches of unqualified products.
4. Long-term practical experience has proved that the first inspection system is an effective measure to detect problems as early as possible and prevent products from being scrapped in batches. Through the first article inspection, it can be found that there are systemic reasons such as severe wear of the tooling and fixtures or installation and positioning errors, poor accuracy of measuring instruments, misreading of drawings, feeding or formula errors, etc., so that corrective or improvement measures can be taken to prevent batch failures. Qualified products occur.
The above is an introduction to why the first inspection is required for PCBA processing. If you have circuit board products that require PCB manufacturing, component purchasing, SMT chip processing, DIP plug-in processing, PCBA foundry service, please contact POE Technology!

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