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Turnkey PCB Assembly Factory

 In business since 1996, POE has established itself as a World well known Turn-Key PCB assembly company for prototype and low-to-mid volume PCB fabrication and assembly services.

 With Imported State-of-the-Art fully Automatic production machines and our professional International Sales Team, Purchasing Team and engineering team in China Shenzhen, HK, USA and Canada, this allows us to offer our customers low-cost, One-stop PCB Assembly Services, including PCB fabrication,parts procurement,PCB Assembly,Program,Cable Assembly,Final PCBA Testing,Final Case Assembly,Coating,Worldwide Shipping.

Our Customers are primarily in USA, Canada, European, Australia, Israel , Asia, China in a wide variety of industries like Medical , Telecommunications, Airplane recorder, Automobile, Database information, Industrial , Home appliance.


Production Facility, China Shenzhen

 POE are ISO9001 and UL certified and IPC-A-600 & IPC-A-610 compliant. Our PCB production capacity can reach 40000 sq.m. per month and EMS assembling capacity at 150,000,000 components per month.

 POE offers expertise in checking for your every order. This is an ideal service for PCB prototyping, as well as low volume and medium volume production runs. We verify all details of your files, including BOM (Bill of Materials) and Gerber files, to allow you to correct your PCB design before manufacture, saving significant time and cost, and avoiding unnecessary repeats of the prototyping assembly process.

 We offer an instant online quote for printed circuit boards and PCB assembly, so you can quickly estimate the PCB + assembly cost. We also provide rapid response to BOM pricing queries with a complete listing of checked items. We purchase the parts 100% original and new and only from major distributors and from your authorized vendors which we cooperated with for more than 10years until now. We are also capable of sourcing Hard-to-Find and Obsolete Electronic Components.

 As a PCBA manufacturer, POE guarantees on-time delivery of quick turn printed circuit board assemblies. The electronic components are always purchased while the PCBs are being manufactured in order to expedite the entire production process.

 Every area of POE is carefully and flexibly managed for your ultimate cost reduction without sacrificing product quality. Our sales and technical support services in China Shenzhen quoting 24hours and replying emails within 1 hours to interface with you to ensure your expectations in quality, delivery and total cost control will be completely satisfied.

With years of experience in PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly, POE provides flexible manufacturing options that adapt to cost targets, delivery requirements and fluctuating demands in volume. We cover a range of services such as:

  • Quick turn PCB manufacturing (2layer 24hours, 4layer 48hours…. Fastest )
  • FR4 , Aluminum, Flexible, Rogers, Teflon PCB mass production
  • Multi-Layered PC Board (4-32 layers)
  • Low to high volume surface mount and through-hole PCB assembly
  • 01005s, BGA, uBGA, CCGA CSP and Flip Chip
  • 0.4mm Fine Pitch Devices
  • Prototype and pre-production electronic assembly
  • Surface Mount Technology (Paste and Epoxy)
  • Encapsulation and conformal coating of PCB assemblies
  • Lead-Free assembly
  • Intrusive reflow
  • Press fit
  • Wave/Selective wave soldering
  • Double/Single-sided reflow processing
  • Rework and repairs (Fine Pitch QFP, Area Array Packages)
  • Functional, electrical, and in-circuit testing
  • By managing the end-to-end production process, we enable our customers to concentrate on their core specialties.

As the leading brand, POE is going to shoulder great social responsibility and operation mission, fully participate in international competition, and strive to become the world-class PCB manufacturer.