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In order to help you schedule your projects in advance and avoid any future shortage happening, we make a holiday table as below for any upcoming holiday.

Holiday NameDateHoliday Type
New Year's DayJan. 1st, 2021- Jan.3rd, 2021 (3 days)National
the Spring FestivalFeb.7th,2021- Feb.20th,2021 (14 days)National
Ching Ming FestivalApr.3rd,2021- Apr.5th,2021 (3 days)National
Labor day May 1st,2021- May 5th,2021 (5 days) National
Dragon Boat FestivalJune 12th,2021- June 14th,2021 (3 days)National
Moon FestivalSep.19th,2021- Sep.21th,2021 (3 days)National
National DayOct.1st,2021- Oct.7th,2021 (7days)National

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