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POE PCB Manufacturing Overview

POE PCB established in 1996 in Shenzhen, as one of the leading PCB manufacturer in China.We can offer one-stop service from PCB desiging,manufacturing to components assembling,testing and housing.We have more than 21 years of successful experience on the global EMS market and enjoy high reputation in the world with on-time delivery.

Our PCB manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce a wide range of products, We can make just about any printed circuit board you can think of including HDI PCB, Multilayer PCBs (up to 40layers),High-tech PCB, Thick Copper PCB, Halogen PCB as standard options, and more special PCBs such as Flex-Rigid PCB, aluminum PCB and Rogers PCB.

For more than 20 years, we have won praises from customers all over the world with our professional product technology and high-quality service. 

We will continue to upgrade our full-featured PCB services through better equipment and more efficient technology to provide customers with the highest quality full-featured PCB manufacturing and assembly. We will continue to develop and challenge ourselves and adhere to the highest quality and efficiency standards to ensure that we can help your printed circuit board use company achieve the greatest success.


POE PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

Multi-layer PCBs Capability (1 to 40L)

Controlled Impedance Circuit Boards

100% Electrical Testing

3 mil Traces/3 mil Spaces

FR4,Roger,Teflon and others

Maximum Panel Size: 19.7" x 31.5"

High Density Interconnect PCBs

Blind, Buried and Plugged Vias

Smallest Hole size: 0.1mm/0.004"/4mil

Lead-Free compliant PCBs

PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

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Product pass rate of more than


On-time delivery rate of higher than


Customer satisfaction rate is higher than


9001:2015, ISO13485, UL, IPC3 international certifications

Customized PCB Display

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POE PCB Fabrication


POE offers printed circuit board fabrication, providing consistent high quality and affordable price of printed circuit boards. We can fabricate impedance control PCB, buried & blind holes PCB, multilayer-layer PCBs.

With over 300 employees around 10000 square meters factory area, our production capacity can reach 25000square meters per month. Our company is located in beautiful PCB industrial zone Shajing, Baoan District Shenzhen with convenient transportation and elegant environment.


Our products are widely applied in various fields, including automotive, wireless, telecommunication, computer and storage devices, industrial equipment, aerospace and medical devices etc.

POE PCB Production Equipment

Drilling Machine

Sink Copper

CNC Molding

Drilling Workshop

Internal Lamination

Dust-free Development

Figure Electricity

Graphics Transfer

Sink Copper

POE PCB Manufacturing Video


Multilayer PCB Production Process

Multilayer PCB Production Process

Five Professional Outgoing Quality Control Report Strongly Guarantee PCB Quality

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