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ITEM Capability
Layers 1-40
Thicker Copper 1-10OZ
Products Type HF(High-Frequency)&(Radio Frequency) board, Impedance controlled board , HDI board ,BGA& Fine Pitch board
Solder Mask Nanya&Taiyo ;LPI & Matt Red, green, yellow,white, blue,black.
Base material FR4(Shengyi China、ITEQ, KB A+,HZ), HI-TG, FR06, Rogers,Taconic、Argon、Nalco、Isola and so on
Finished Surface Conventional HASL,Lead-free HASL,Falsh Gold, ENIG (Immersion Gold)OSP(Entek), Immersion Tin,ImmersionSilver,Hard Gold
Selective Surface 
ENIG(immersion Gold)+OSP, ENIG(immersion Gold)+Gold Finger,Flash Gold +Gold Finger, immersion Silver+ Gold Finger, Immersion Tin+Gold Finger   
Technical Specification Minimum line width/gap:3.5/4mil(laser drill)
Minimum hole size:0.15mm(mechanical drill)/4mil(laser drill)
Minimum Annular Ring: 4mil
Max Copper thickness: 10OZ
Max Production size:900×1200mm
Board Thickness:D/S: 0.2-7.0mm, Multilayers:0.40-7.0mm,
Min Solder Mask Bridge:0.08mm
Aspect ratio: 15:1
Plugging Visa capability: 0.2-0.8mm
Tolerance Plated holes Tolerance:0.08mm(min±0.05)
Non-plated hole tolerance:0.05min(min+0/-0.05mm or +0.05/-0mm)
Outline Tolerance:0.15min(min±0.10mm)
Functional test :
Insulating resistance : 50 ohms (mormality)
Peel off strength: 1.4N/mm
Thermal Stress test :2650c,20 seconds
Solder mask hardness:6H
E-Test voltage :500V+15/-0V 30S
Warp and Twist: 0.7% (semiconductor test board≤0.3% )

PCB Manufacture Capability

Layer 4L 2L 6L 6L 8L 10L 12L 14L 16L
Layer Structure
Product Type Depth control drill Copper base PCB Buried copper inlaid 1+N HDI, Buried holes Mechanical back drill, Etching back drill 2+N HDI, POFV Heavy copper Countersink head holes High layer count
Item 2018 Manufacture Capability 2019 Manufacture Capability
Layer 2-20 Layers 2-30 Layers
Thickness 0.3-3.5mm 0.2-5.0mm
Laminate Type FR4, High TG, PTFE, Aluminum Base, Rogers FR4, High TG, PTFE, Aluminum Base, Rogers, Non-PTFE & BT, Metal Base, PI
Copper Foil Thickness 1/3-6oz 1/3-14oz
Minimal Line Width / Space 75um/75um 50um/60um
Minimum Through Hole Diameter 0.15mm 0.15mm
Micro Channel Thickness Ratio 12:1 15:1
Minimal Blind Hole Diameter 4mil 4mil
Blind Aperture Ratio 0:7:1 1:1
Minimal Dielectric Thickness 50um 50um
Wiring Layer 2+N+2 3+N+3
Surface Finish Immersion Tin, OSP, HASL, ENIG, Immersion Siver
Chamfer the angle type of the chamber 30°,45°,60°
Largest NPTH Hole Size 6.5mm >6.5mm
Largest PTH Hole Size 6.5mm >6.5mm
Minimal Annular Ring Can Be Kept 6mil 4mil
Minimal Distance Between IC for SM Bridge 0.25mm 0.25mm
Minimal SM Bridge for Green Soldermask 0.1mm 0.076mm
Minial SM Bridge for Black Soldermask 0.125mm 0.1mm
Tolerance of Dimension Size ±0.1mm ±0.08mm
Tolerance of Board Thickness ±10% <±8%
Tolerance of Finished NPTH Hole Size ±0.05mm ±0.03mm
Tolerance of Finished PTH Hole Size ±0.076mm ±0.05mm