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POE Technology

POE keeps improving our production capabilities. The value does not only lie on the facilities, also the senior engineers who can analyze and provide professional ideas and suggestion on production process.

PcbaMake pcb assembly technology
POE PCB Turn-key PCBA Assembly factory show

POE,as China One-stop contract Manufacturing Facility,Provides the best services for sustainable innovation of electronics technology。

Established in 1996,POE keeps striving for excellence,to become China's top EMS manufacture,integrating production service of PCB manufacturing, SMT and DIP soldering ,programming,function testing and housing assembly for both quick turn prototypes and mass production。

Also, below is typical technology we work on:

Gold Finger

Gold reach 70U’’ thickness, and Beveling can be done at angles of 30 to 45 degrees.

Countersink Hole

The purpose is usually for flat head screw that can sit flush with the surface to have a clean look and installation.

Via in Pad

Although this will result in additional costs, it can meet the designer's goals, such as having good thermal management.

Blind and Buried Vias

This technology is applied to HDI PCBs, the drill files needs be defined separately in a different drill file