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PCBA Testing Services

In order to provide high quality products for clients, we implement any possible testing during production process.

Probe-flying & E-test

Typically Probe-flying test and E-test for Bare PCB, which can tell if PCBs are short-circuit or Open circuit, it helps us X-cross those boards fail test.

Embedded system testing

we are equipped with an adjustable DC power supply, a 200MHz digital oscilloscope, a signal generator, an LCR multimeter and a universal programmer.

Functional testing

Our testing engineer will preview your requirements such as test scope and test instruction, design the test jig if necessary, set up the instruments, and prepare the test report form and design testing workflow.

PCBA Testing Procedures

Visual inspection: general quality check.

FAI: full quality check applied to the first PCB to pass through all stages of production.

X-ray Inspection: checks for BGAs, QFN and bare circuit boards.

AOI Testing: checks for solder paste, 0201 components, missing components and polarity.

3D AOI Testing: checks for missing and misplaced SMT components in three dimensions.

3D SPI Testing: measures the precise volume of solder paste for SMT assembly.

ICT (In-Circuit Test)

Functional test (Following your test procedures)

Test data feedback

A Design For Assembly (DFA) form will be issued by our process engineer and an 8D quality assurance report will be created by our quality engineer. The DFA report will be sent to the customer as a design reference. The latter will become our quality improvement guideline.