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POE 2020-2021 Chinese New Year Annual Meeting

At 8:00 am on January 30, 2021, all employees of POE Technology will hold the 2020 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference and the 2021 Oath Conference on the third floor of Jinyuan Industrial Park. The theme of the conference is "Struggle".

2020 is a special year. With the current epidemic and the global economic contraction, all walks of life are affected; 2020 is a year of development. POE technology has risen to difficulties and overcome obstacles, winning again and again! Opportunities and challenges coexist, we unite as one, work hard and win the 2021!

1. 2020 Annual Review and 2021 Work Plan
Review 2020
In 2020, 266 new customers will increase, and sales will increase by 88.8%
The factory relocated in September 2020, introduced new equipment and added new personnel, and completed ISO9001:2015 certification at the end of December
In 2020, an operation team was established, a Singapore office was established, and advertising investment increased by 45%

Looking ahead to 2021
Sales growth exceeded 100%
Carry out a number of corporate training and diversified collective activities
Strictly implement ISO production standards and 7S standards to improve production quality and delivery

Business Unit

Purchasing Department

Administration Department

Engineering Department

2. Oath ceremony of the business department
The drum of 2021 has been sounded, and our soldiers have already geared up for battle!
With the new journey and new challenges, all the business department signed the military order for 2021 with confidence and fighting spirit, which inspires every colleague present at the meeting. At the beginning of the wave, we can see the brilliance of real gold, cross the peak, and show the heroic qualities. We are united and united, and we will surely complete the 2021 performance target!

3. Award Ceremony
The company's progress is inseparable from the close cooperation of the team. There is always a group of outstanding people around us who are overcoming obstacles and paying silently. They are a model for our work. She rushed forward in the business, faced difficulties, and worked hard to take orders for the company; production, strictly control the quality, and ensure the smooth delivery of the products; purchase, carefully calculate each material, and strictly control the cost of each order; IQC strictly controls the quality of incoming materials to ensure that the materials meet the company's quality standards; administratively, constantly improve the company's corporate culture and rules and systems, and create a good working environment for all employees.

At the commendation meeting, the company issued the Model Worker Award, the Annual Outstanding Employee Award, the Annual Outstanding Newcomer Award, the Performance Ares Award, the Performance Wolf Warrior Award, the Best Manager Award, the Annual Procurement Elite Award, the Annual Production Model Award, and the Best Team Award. The annual training lecturer award, the annual full attendance star award and other awards, this is the affirmation and recognition of everyone's hard work this year, and also inspires more outstanding partners to have better work performance in 2021 and become POEs A new benchmark for technology.


After the award ceremony, we toasted to celebrate the successful end of 2020 and usher in the greater challenges of the new year.


4. Annual meeting programs and games
The variety of talent shows is dazzling. Exciting lottery draws are exciting. Various games such as Draw Solitaire, Happy Fax, and Memory Master have tested the team’s tacit understanding and brought us laughter.

The short video "POE show time" of the Administration Department is full of funny and innovative elements, which makes people shine.

The engineering department "Chilly cha cha" dance is fashionable and humorous.

The cross talk of the Purchasing Department, "Full of Economics", made people dumbfounding.

The fan dance "Farewell My Concubine" of the Administration Department is magnificent and full of pride.

The engineering department's "Say Something" is humorous.

The business department's drama "Stepmother Tea Talk and Tea Party" is full of western classical art atmosphere and makes people feel like it.

The Procurement Department’s skit "Jie Gong" tells us that staying away from lifting the bar makes a little warmer.

The personal talent show "Harmonica" of the business department made people scream, and the sound of the piano matched the music beautifully and pleasantly!

The business department sketch "Software War" illustrates the importance of each software from the first point of view, vividly.

The "Love You" dance of the purchasing department spread their enthusiasm and spread positive energy.

"Hand Shadow Dance" from the purchasing department gave us a different visual feast through the cooperation of lighting and everyone.

The administrative sketch "Judging People by Appearance" tells us not to judge people by appearance and not to be deceived by appearances.


The "Any Song" dance of the business department shows us the charm of modern dance.

The hilarious spoof plot of the engineering department's skit "News Distortion", serious nonsense makes people laugh.

The overwhelming 2020 has passed, and 2021, full of hope and challenges, has arrived. In the past year, we have smiled, struggled, and gained. Facing 2021, we are full of longing and passion. Together we will use confidence and courage to unite and work hard to create greater glories!

All employees of POE Technology wish you all a good Year of the Ox! Healthy body! Everything goes well!