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POE Provides OEM Turnkey PCB Assembly Service

Support you One Stop services of PCB fabrication, assembly, component procurement from prototype to mass quantity.

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1.One stop Turnkey Service

Excellence in contract manufacturing serivce,including PCB manufacturing, SMT and DIP soldering, programming, function testing and case assembly.

2.Quickturn PCB Assembly

24x7 prompt online sales service

24h quick turnaround sample pcbs

1-2days pcb assembly prototoype

3-5days sample components procurement

3.Quality Assurance


Skilled engineer team with over 5 years of rich experience on average.


Advance equipments are introduced from Japan, Germany.

Production Standard

IPC-compliant, implementing ISO 9001, ISO 13485, 5S and 6Q standards.

4.Global components procurement database

Provides expertise and purchasing power through extensive global supplier relationships to reduce overall material cost.


5.PCB manufacturing in various fields


Our PCBs are widely used in technology products such as Drone, smart wearable devices, bluetooth, vehicle and vehicle navigation, aeronautical instrument , medical instruments, industrial control , robots and consumer electronics.

PCB Assembly Capabilities

Assembly Type

SMT(Solder paste /Red Adhesive) , BGA, Through hole

Test Types

Visual inspection, X-ray inspection, AOI, In-circuit Test, Function Test

Solder Types

Lead-free ROHS/ Leaded (customer specified)

Components Types


PCB Types

FR4 PCB, Aluminum PCB, Teflon PCB, Flexible PCB, Rigid-Flexible PCB

Application Field Of PCB

Our PCB Applications in different fields, click download PCB Brochure

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