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Address: Room501-502, Fude life Insurance building, Fuzhong 1st Road, Lianhua street,Futian district,shenzhen China

Tel: +8613798543496

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Address: Floor 3, Jinyuan Industrial Park, No. 56, Tangtou Avenue, Shiyan Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China


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Address: 5957 N. Willard ave San Gabriel, CA 91775 Tel: 1-647-377-9973

Contact: Jason Mak


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Address: Unit 1803,18/F,Tsuen Wan Industrial Centre, 220-248 Texaco Road,Tsuen Wan, N,T. ,HONG KONG

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Address: 6 SHENTON WAY #37-03, OUE DOWNTOWN, SINGAORE 068809

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