The relationship between multilayer PCB circuit board and medium-high TG board type
What are the areas of multi -layer PCB circuit boards?

Multilayer PCB circuit boards are generally used in the fields of communication equipment, medical devices, industrial control, security, automotive electronics, aviation, computer peripherals and other fields. As the "core main force" of these fields, as product functions continue to increase, the lines are becoming increasingly increasing The more dense, the quality of the market requires the quality of the market to be higher and higher. Customer demand for medium and high TG line boards is increasing.

The particularity of the multi -layer PCB circuit board

Ordinary PCB boards will have problems such as deformation at high temperatures. At the same time, mechanical and electrical characteristics may also decrease sharply, reducing the service life of the product. The fields of multilayer PCB line boards are generally located in the mid -to -high -end technology industry. This particularity directly requires that its plates are highly stable and highly resistant, and they can carry high temperature, high humidity, etc.

Therefore, multi -layer PCB circuit board production uses at least TG150 or more plates to ensure that the circuit board is reduced due to external factors during the application process and extend the service life of the product.


The stability and high reliability of the type of high TG board

What is TG value?
TG value: TG is the highest temperature for the steel to maintain steel. The TG value refers to the amorphous polymer (including the amorphous part of the crystal polymer) between the glass state between the glass state? Temperature when changing.
The TG value is the critical temperature that melts from solid state to rubber -state flow.

The level of TG value is directly related to the stability and reliability of PCB products. The higher the TG value of the board, the stronger the stability and reliability.

High TG board has the following advantages:

(1) High heat resistance can reduce the rise of PCB pads during infrared hot melt, welding and thermal impact.
(2) Low thermal expansion coefficient (low CTE) can reduce the warping caused by temperature factors, and reduce the copper break at the corner of the hole caused by thermal expansion, especially in the eight or eight -layer PCB boards. PCB boards better than general TG value.

(3) Has excellent resistance, so that the PCB board can be soaked in the process of wet treatment and many chemical potions, and its performance remains intact.

PCBAMAKE knows that under normal circumstances, the quality, performance and reliability of PCB line boards made of medium and high TG boards is better than low TG board.

Therefore, PCBAMAKE has insisted on the use of high -quality plates for many years, and carefully committed to providing customers with the batches and proofing services of medium and high TG circuit boards, and actively provides high -quality raw beneficiary boards; The batch and proofing of FPC soft boards, and PCBAMAKE is not a problem.