The importance of X-ray in the SMT processing industry

X-ray, the full name is X-ray non-destructive testing equipment. It mainly uses low-energy X-rays to scan and image the inside of the product to detect flaws such as cracks and foreign objects in the content. In daily life, people often go to the hospital for X-ray scans. This is also the principle. So how important is X-ray in the smt processing industry?

With the iterative upgrade of electronic technology and economic development, everyone has to use pcba.

Therefore, the application of SMT patches has become more and more popular, and the pursuit of intelligence and miniaturization has also made the size of the chip smaller and smaller, but there are more and more pins. Especially some core BGA and IC components are widely used. Due to the special packaging, the internal welding of the chip can only be tested with the help of equipment. Ordinary artificial intelligence vision system inspection can not fundamentally judge the quality of solder joints, and artificial visual inspection is already the least accurate and least repeatable option in the case of dense solder joints. The best choice is to pass X -ray for batch inspection.


Especially PCBA patch proofing is a quick small order for smt processing and proofing. X-ray inspection technology is widely used in BGA soldering quality inspection after reflow soldering to conduct qualitative and quantitative risk analysis of solder joints, find quality abnormalities, and make timely adjustments.

According to the summary analysis of the actual operation cases in the smt processing plant, the accuracy of X-ray in the internal inspection of BGA solder joints can exceed more than 15% of manual ICT inspection, and the efficiency is more than 50%.

In the scope of application, the device can not only identify welding defects (such as empty welding, virtual welding) inside the BGA, but also scan and analyze microelectronic systems and sealing components, cables, fixtures, and plastic interiors.

Therefore, for a processing plant and customers who are aware of quality and quality control, they should choose to use scientific technology and methods to enhance and improve product quality. Instead of blindly treating end users through various false propaganda or indifferent attitudes.

Since its establishment in 1996, POE PCB china Technology has consistently adhered to the principle of "Quality is Life". The pursuit of quality insists on scientific orientation and equipment first. At present, it is equipped with X-ray, SPI, AOI, nitrogen reflow soldering and other quality inspection equipment.

We are serious about quality.