Cable Assembly
Due to our deep industry knowledge and rich experience, we can support customers to produce a series of complex and specific cable assembly applications. Including welding, termination, packaging and testing. The cable assembly can be made according to your requirements. The cable types can include wire and cable, ribbon cable, FPC cable, etc. The cables we make need the following information, including cable length, core size, color, connector and crimping parts, order numbers, locations and the best way is to provide us with all the detailed exports, connect the connector fast and accurate quotation . Through our very formal quality assurance and testing process, POE ensures the quality of all manufactured products.
We can provide a complete cable assembly service-from design, drawing and prototyping to full mass production, suitable for various applications in the medical, military, aerospace and portable equipment industries.
POE is a cable and wire harness manufacturer certified by UL and ISO. We provide the most advanced technical support services to help our customers conduct customized product consultation, design and cost reduction analysis.
The most advanced equipment and experienced employees are the foundation of our cable assembly business. We have been committed to industry best practices, including IPC/WHMA-A-620 Class 3 standards, and seek to promote technological progress to improve our strict quality benchmarks.
If you want to discuss your business needs, please contact our friendly customer service team and they will be happy to discuss your needs with you.
Cables We Provide
Cable types can be range from electrical wires, ribbon cables, FPC cable and so on. Following information is needed for us to make one cable including, cable length, wire core size, color, connectors and crimps' part number, connectors' position and connection method.
Audio & Video Cable
BNC to RCA Cable
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DVI Cable
HDMI Cable
VGA & BNC Cable
DVI Y Cable
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