Kitting Carton Box&Foam Service

Easy to Customize your own Kits Carton box, foam, your products brochure,Barcode and label. PCBAMake Kitting service is an electronic component kitting and assembly service which enables you to create your own personalized kit. It comes complete with electronic packaging services to provide your kit with personalized packing and printing material. Build your own orignial kit starting from as little as 5PCS.

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Box customization min Box customization
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We can provide different materials, different specifications, and size packaging according to customer needs.
PCBAMake has a full set of packaging services that seal all printing circuit boards in a clear and transparent vacuum bag without further heating content, and can open the packaging without applying any physical stress on the internal panel.

Compared with the traditional hot vacuum packaging method, this method has many obvious advantages:
1. Packaging is crystal clear, so you can check or view the circuit board in detail without opening the packaging and further processing the circuit board or exposed it in dust and moisture.

2. The bag can be easily opened with scissors or blades instead of tearing off. Once the vacuum is destroyed, the packaging will become loose, and the circuit board can be removed without risk of taking off or damaging.

4. This packaging method does not require any heat, the bag is induced, so the circuit board will not be treated unnecessary heat treatment.

PCBAMake is constantly investing in new technologies to improve performance and provide enhanced printing circuit boards for all our customers.

pcb assembly packaging service
PCBA packaging service

Box Customization custom box
You can customize special packaging boxes, or boxes that need to be designed according to customer needs or board needs, which can be achieved here.

Print Instruction printing instructions
You can provide a printing manual service according to customer needs, eliminating your troubles

You can provide additional services with various printing labels. We have long -term cooperative suppliers that are tailor -made according to your design needs.

You can provide various stickers services

Why customize your own kit?
Customization can save the trouble of packing your own products. The PCBAMake KITTING service can handle the entire logistics process from component procurement to obtaining printing materials and packaging (such as carton, foam, your product manual, barcode and label)

What are the advantages of custom packaging services?
1. We provide custom -made uniform kits, allowing you to assemble and save transportation costs in small quantities.
2. The service can be expanded according to the needs of production and the place of production.
3. Improve your ordering and material management process through tailor -made auxiliary services, which will help improve your efficiency.
4.PCBAMake is equipped with bulk materials, which can reduce your inventory holding cost.



How long have you been making PCB&PCBA?


PCBAMake has been making PCBs for more than 26 years.We built our assembly plant and begin assembly business in 1996.


How do I get a quick quote for PCB or PCB assembly?


Please send your files and requirements to will be sent back as soon as we get through an evaluation.


Do you cater SMT prototype boards?


Yes, we are fully equipped to handle your any kind of custom SMT prototype board requirements.MOQ is 1PCS.


What files and documents do you request for my PCBA orders?


Gerber Files/Bill of Materials, complete information in excel format/Centroid Data/Other requirements or assembly instructions if applicable.