Plastic & Metal Cases
We can provide production service including PC/PVC/ABS/Metal...   various materials with both glossy or polish surface. Engraving is also can be done according to your design.
Whether you need precision plastic/metal components or large plastic/metal enclosures for your electronics products, POE can help you realize and deliver orders on budget.
Plastic Injection Molding:
  • Keypad Enclosure
  • Plastic Enclosure
  • Piano Finish
  • Glossy - Stone Texture
Customized Metal Enclosures:
Desktop Enclosure
Flanged Enclosure
Formed Metal Enclosure
Split Body Enclosure
Rackmount Enclosure
There are still more caes, subject to confidentiality agreement, unable to share, please forgive me
If you have questions that have not been resolved, you can leave us a message and we will reply within 24 hours