Turnkey PCB Assembly



Types of Turnkey PCB Assembly Services Available

Turnkey PCB can either full turnkey or partial turnkey. Also, both are quite similar and offer you a wide range of benefits. We know that our clients’ time is precious, therefore we offer the best PCB assembly in China, helping our clients to succeed.

Turnkey PCB Assembly Service

Full turnkey PCB assembly include PCB manufacturing, part procurement, PCB assembly, QC inspection and functional testing. You just need to provide PCB files and BOM, we will get everything for you.

Small batch PCB assembly

Pcbamake has a PCBA factory in China, which can provide short -term printed circuit board assembly services at the most affordable price according to your specifications. Small batch PCB assembly is usually defined as less than 1,000 PCB.

Low-Volume PCB Assembly

Offers fast low volume prototype PCB SMT and DIP assembly, fastest delivery within 24 hours, NO MOQ. PCBAMAKE has a PCB and PCBA factory in China, which can provide short -term printed circuit board assembly services at the most affordable price according to your specifications.

Large quantity PCB assembly service

Pcbamake provides a large number of turn key PCB assembly services. Strict quality control, flexible supply keys and efficient inventory management can ensure that the board we manufactured has first -class quality, fast delivery time and affordable price.

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From Start To Finish,Pcbamake Has The Pcb Turnkey Services You Need

At Pcbamake, we have the full turnkey PCB assembly services you need for your next circuit board project. We have the engineering, manufacturing, and test capabilities to take your project from initial design input to the final completed boards that we will ship to your end-users. In addition to your circuit boards, we can also support your cable, wire-harness, and full-box build needs as well.
We understand the electronics market’s state today and how you need an efficient and high-quality manufacturing process to supply your end-users with products as quickly as possible. Let our team do what it does best by taking on that part of the project for you with our turnkey services so that you can focus your attention on a new design and product development.

Turnkey pcba project

We provide PCB manufacturing, component procurement and internal assembly, and entire project management.

Quick PCB prototype assembly

Support 1 to 300 pieces, and fast proofing for 24 hours, so that you can be faster and more confident from design to functional prototypes.

Made in need

Agile manufacturing process meets the needs, and the experienced team provides excellent experience

Strong supply chain management

In -depth cooperation with 3000+ original electronic component manufacturers and its authorized agents and dealers

Smart BOM system

Free registration and upload, intelligent recognition, analysis, matching, comparison, and recommendation for your non -template BOM list

Cost control

Eliminate intermediate dealers, reduce costs by 15%-45%, and improve procurement and production efficiency.

  • Advanced SMT PCBA production line from the world's leading brands
  • Cooperative logistics DHL enjoy 60%-70% off
  • Global component procurement capacity
  • Customer intellectual property protection
  • One -stop solution for PCB, parts procurement, PCB assembly and testing
  • The cost of prototype PCB component starts from $ 0
  • 99%delivery on time
  • Global customers recognized excellent quality

PCB Assembly Production Process

1. PCB Loading

2. Solder Paste Printing

3. Surface Mounting

4. Reflow Soldering

5. DIP Soldering

6. Wave Soldering

7. AOI

8. X Ray

9. FAI

10. QC

11. Package

12. Shipping

Turnkey PCB Assembly Service Process

We strive to be the best in turnkey PCB assembly because we have a reputation to uphold.


Step 1

We will conduct a reference mark on BOM. We compare the BOM reference logo with the quantity, and check the errors in the reference logo.

Step 2

We contact many different suppliers in real time. This allows us to provide the latest price while calculating internal inventory and providing delivery time information.

Step 3

The simple and intuitive online quotation system on our website only needs to click a few times to import and process your BOM file. If your BOM has an additional control part or no integrated (DNI) parts for additional control, our tools can also be processed.

Step 4

We provide instant quotations from 1-3 days to 10+10 days of delivery. The number ranges from 0 to a large number of parts. Customers only need to click a few times to repeat their full cross -key order.

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How long have you been making PCB&PCBA?


Pcbamake has been making PCBs for more than 26 years.We built our assembly plant and begin assembly business in 1996.


How do I get a quick quote for PCB or PCB assembly?


Please send your files and requirements to Orders@pcbamake.com.Quote will be sent back as soon as we get through an evaluation.


Do you cater SMT prototype boards?


Yes, we are fully equipped to handle your any kind of custom SMT prototype board requirements.MOQ is 1PCS.


What files and documents do you request for my PCBA orders?


Gerber Files/Bill of Materials, complete information in excel format/Centroid Data/Other requirements or assembly instructions if applicable.