POE has the capability to manufacture pcb ranging from basic single sided boards up to 40 layer multilayers ,and provide one stop turnkey services, including pcb layout, manufacture, assembly, components source and function testing. The superior service we offer our customers is the key to our success and our mission has remained the same since we started business in 1996: to provide high quality, technically advanced products within the customer's timescales. This commitment, combined with the wealth of experience and expertise we have built up over the years, means we can offer a total solution to our customers PCB requirements – from front end engineering through to in time deliveries.
Item PCB Capability
1.Base Material FR-4 / High TG FR-4 / Lead free Materials (ROHS Compliant) / Halogen Free material /CEM-3/CEM-1/ /PTFE/ROGERS/ARLON/TACONIC
2.Layers 1-40
3.Finised inner/outer copper thickness 1-10OZ
4.Finished board thickness
Board thickness≤1.0mm: +/-0.1mm
1 < Board thickness≤2.0mm: +/-10%
Board thickness>2.0mm: +/-8%
5.Max panel size ≤2sides PCB: 600*1500mm Multilayer PCB: 500*1200mm
6.Min conductor line width/spacing Inner layers: ≥3/3mil Outer layers: ≥3.5/3.5mil
7.Min hole size
Mechanical hole: 0.15mm
Laser hole: 0.1mm
Drilling precision: first drilling
First drilling: 1mil
Second drilling: 4mil
8.Warpage Board thickness≤0.79mm: β≤1.0%
0.80≤Board thickness≤2.4mm: β≤0.7%
Board thickness≥2.5mm: β≤0.5%
9.Controlled Impedance +/-5%
10. Aspect Ratio 15:1
11.Min welding ring 4mil
12.Min solder mask bridge ≥0.08mm
13.Plugging vias capability 0.2-0.8mm
14. Hole tolerance PTH: +/-3mil NPTH: +/-2mil
15.Outline profile Rout/ V-cut/ Bridge/ Stamp hole
16.Surface treatment OSP: 0.5-0.5um
HASL: 2-40um
Lead free HASL: 2-40um
ENIG: Au 1-10U’’
ENEPIG: PB 2-5U’’/ Au 1-8U’’
Immersion Tin:0.8-1.2um
Immersion silver: 0.1-1.2um
Peelable blue mask
Carbon ink
Gold plating: Au 1-150U’’
17. E-testing pass percent 97% pass for the first time,+/-2%(tolerance)
FQC-Physical Lab: Reliability tests
18.Certificate ROHS, ISO9001:2015, ISO13484:2016, IPC3 Standard