What is Controlled Impedance PCB?
Impedance control (EImpedance Controlling), there will be a variety of signal transmission in the conductors in the circuit board, to increase its transmission rate must increase its frequency, if the line itself due to etching, stack thickness, wire width, and other different factors, will The impedance is worth changing, and the signal is distorted. Therefore, the impedance value of the conductor on the high-speed circuit board should be controlled within a certain range, called "impedance control".
The impedance of the PCB trace will be determined by its inductive and capacitive inductance, resistance, and conductance. The main factors that affect the impedance of the PCB traces are the width of the copper line, the thickness of the copper line, the dielectric constant of the medium, the thickness of the medium, the thickness of the pad, the path of the ground line, and the traces around the trace. PCB impedance ranges from 25 to 120 ohm.
In practical situations, PCB transmission lines usually consist of a wire trace, one or more reference layers, and insulating materials. Traces and slabs constitute the control impedance. PCB will often adopt a multi-layer structure, and the control impedance can also be constructed in various ways. However, no matter what method is used, the impedance value will be determined by its physical structure and the electronic properties of the insulating material:
Width and thickness of the signal trace Height of the core or pre-filled material on both sides of the trace Configuration of traces and slabs Insulation constant of core and pre-filled material
How we Make the Controlled Impedance PCB?
Impedance Control PCB Design
Impedance-controlled routing begins with the schematic. While design engineers specify their controlled impedance signals’ values and types, we use your design data and manufacturing drawings, as well as our DFM tools and experience, to validate your design against the requested board materials. We work with you to ensure that the target impedance values are within the specified range.
To ensure that the same impedance values are maintained throughout the length of a controlled trace, we take into account the following parameters:
Trace geometry
Signal spacing
Dielectric material
Latest materials With Full strict IQC
POE manufactures controlled impedance PCB (printed circuit board) using the latest materials and technology. We have full strict Incoming Inspection (IQC) for all laminates, pre-preg and copper foil, since raw materials’ thickness variances are some of the main challenges for producing controlled impedance PCBs.
Strict Manufacturing Technology
We control impedance by varying the dimensions and spacing of the trace or laminate, and perform a test to make sure that we achieve the requested impedance using TDR coupons.
Impedance Control PCB  Testing
Having validated the design, we manufacture the board, getting as close as possible to the target impedance. We also undertake extensive TDR testing to determine that the impedance is within the specified limits. Essentially, a TDR applies a quick electrical step signal to the coupon via a controlled impedance cable and a specialized probe to connect to the pads. If there is a change in impedance value, part of the signal power is reflected back to the TDR instrument. The time delay between the transmitted pulse and the receipt of the reflected signal is proportional to the distance of the discontinuity.
Advanced LDI (laser direct imaging) Machine
We also use LDI (laser direct imaging) equipment that eliminates the variances in trace width, once a controlled impedance board is imaged, it must go into the etcher. The purpose is to develop a configuration on an etcher to minimize undercut.
 24/7 sales and tech support team
Through our 2 hours rapid response services from our 24/7 sales and tech support team, and excellent after-sales service, we will be your best controlled impedance PCB manufacturer & supplier in China. At POE we can answer any controlled impedance PCB questions that you may have, please feel free to contact us anytime.
Impedance Control PCB Services Of POE
Impedance Control PCB Capabilities
With an experienced engineering staff, we analyze your design holistically. We take into account a wide range of factors when it comes to the design of controlled impedance PCBs. These include:
•    Inductance
•    Capacitive Resistance
•    Conductance
Additionally, you can count on us for the following:
•    Stack-up and impedance control calculation suggestions
•    Routing single-ended and differential pair traces.
•    Placing components, vias, coupling capacitors.
•    Calculating effective dielectric constant.
•    Delivering the required impedance tolerance.
•    Impedance Control PCB Prototype services
•    No minimum controlled impedance PCB order requirement.
Impedance Control PCB Process
Count on our experts to guide you on parameters such as the following, to achieve the required impedance:
•   Track width
•   Copper layer spacing
•   Copper weights
•   Base material
We use industry-leading software to assist with impedance calculations as well as the selection of appropriate PCB construction.
Additionally, we design suitable test coupons to verify calculated impedance with actual product outcomes using TDR measurement instruments.
Impedance Control PCB Applications
Increasingly more and more PCBs used in fast digital applications need to be impedance controlled. These include:
•    Telecommunications
•    Video Signal Processing
•    Real time graphic processing
•    High Speed digital processing
You will find numerous applications of the above in:
•    Routers
•    Satellite TVs
•    Personal Computers
•    Laser Printers
•    GPS navigation tools, and more
•    No minimum controlled impedance PCB order requirement.
We follow the requisite industry standards like
•    ISO 9001:2008 Certification
•    IPC-WHMA-A-610 Compliant
•    IPC-CC-830B Compliant
•    SBA Certified
•    IPC-A-610-D & ANSI/J-STD-001 standards
•    ISO 9001: 2015 Certified
•    ISO 13485: 2016 by Medical Devices Quality Management
•    International Traffic in Arms Regulation Compliant (ITAR)
Why Choose Our Controlled Impedance PCB?
POE--Your Reliable Partner for Controlled Impedance PCBs
Superior facility 
We have state-of-the-art facilities that ensure that controlled impedance PCBs are manufactured using the latest material and technology.
Experienced Personnel
Our trained personnel are fully equipped with industry best practices to ensure that the impedance tolerance limits are adhered to. We offer both design and manufacturing expertise when it comes to Controlled Impedance PCBs.
Quick Turnaround
At POE Electronics, we ensure that we offer fast turnaround without compromising on the controlled impedance tolerances.
Desired Quantities
You can count on us to offer the quantities desired by you. What that means is that you do not have to worry either about minimum orders or large production runs.
If you have questions that have not been resolved, you can leave us a message and we will reply within 24 hours