PCBA in Marine
All sorts of marine vessels and systems such as GPS and radar systems, engine management, power distribution and autopilot systems rely on PCBs to function. This includes small vessels, large cargo ships, submarines, communications systems and navigation equipment.
PCBs used for maritime applications must also be able to withstand harsh conditions. Manufacturers of maritime PCBs emphasize reliability as it's essential for the safety of the crew and passengers that electronic equipment works correctly.
PCBA in Military and Defense Applications
The military uses PCBs in various applications, including communication equipment (radio communication systems and other key communications), control systems (radar jamming systems, missile detection systems) and computers, vehicles, guns, etc.
The military PCB uses materials such as high-temperature laminates, aluminum and copper because of their ability to withstand harsh conditions such as high temperatures. Anodized aluminum may be used because of its resistance to oxidation.
PCBA in Home Appliances
Almost every advanced gadget uses electronic parts to operate,such as alarm, microwave oven, cooler, espresso machine, etc.
The application of PCB is far beyond the scope listed, as extensive and diverse as the market itself. In the modern world, no matter where you use electronic products, you can be sure to find all types of PCB applications.