CSR Statement
As a responsible electronic circuit company, while pursuing business value, Pcbamake is more actively practicing social responsibility and exploring sustainable development roads with customers, employees, partners, the environment, and communities. In this process, Pcbamake will strive to continuously create economic value through sustainable development management, and work with various stakeholders to address the social and environmental challenges of global development through cooperation.
Since being first exposed to the concept of sustainable development of the system in 2015, Pcbamake has continuously improved its social responsibility concepts and practices, and formed a social responsibility management model based on international standards such as ISO14001,  etc. One of the important long-term development strategies. In 2016, we improved on the previous social responsibility management model and established a CSR management committee to promote the company to better identify and respond to the opportunities and challenges encountered in the practice of social responsibility.
At this stage, Pcbamake social responsibility action will focus on providing a sustainable development connection foundation for the Internet of Everything, and is committed to making the connection more valuable, promoting green development and building a better world.
Environmentally friendly
we implement green environmental protection measures. It pursues energy conservation, safety, and environmental protection in each and every link in our operations and pro-actively promotes the concept of manufacturing being dedicated to the balance between the needs of mankind and nature.
We follow relevant laws, regulations and other requirements.
Reducing material and energy consumption and reasonably disposing of waste to build on the foundation towards achieving clean production;
Ensuring a good production environment to guarantee that production safety and our employees are healthy;
Providing each and every employee with training that spreads our environmental direction to strengthen environmental awareness and fulfill environmental responsibilities;
Periodically reviewing our environmental management system in order to continue to improve it and prevent any negative impact on the environment. 
Health and safety
Employee health and safety is the foundation of the corporate culture at Pcbamake. We promote the values of being people-orientated and putting safety first, and encourage employees to regard their own personal safety and the safety of their co-workers as having vital importance.
Our company adhere to clean production, in accordance with the ISO14000 environmental management system for management, attention to the environmental of the production process and safety control and staff labor protection.We rigorously implement any relevant laws regulations including the “Safe Production Law, ”the“Fire Prevention Law of PRC”, and the “Code of Occupational Disease Prevention”, establish safe production responsibilities at every level.
The workshop is the core of the PCB factory and the "home" we rely on. Regular training of the workshop environment and personnel requirements is an indispensable and important link.The production workshop has cleanliness control, and the cleanliness is controlled at: 500,000.
Fight the new COVID-19 epidemic
In the face of the current global epidemic, we take the following measures to prevent:
Body temperature measurement: ask employees to measure their body temperature when they come to the workplace
Barrier/barrier device: Screeners should wear masks and wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
Personal protective equipment: equip employees with protective equipment such as gloves, masks, disinfectant, etc.
Maintain social distancing: reduce the gathering of people and control the distance between employees Through these measures, we ensure that production efficiency and delivery time are minimally affected
Lead Free
Pcbamake's RoHS Solution
In today's era, environmental responsibility is a key aspect of business innovation. At Pcbamake, we provide products and solutions to ensure that our customers grow in their own industries. Our RoHS-compliant PCB boards do not contain lead, and we follow the worker's contact and recycling rules of the directive. Creating the future involves not only technological advancement, but also compliance with standards that create a safe industry and the planet.
Pcbamake  has been making lead-free boards since 2012. Our lead-free boards are made with laminate that have a higher Td to withstand the increased temperature and dwell times required during assembly. The surface finishes that we can offer are also RoHS compatible.
Lead-Free PCB Assembly
Lead Free ROHS compliant PCB assembly services have been part of our capabilities for years and our long history in electronics manufacturing accounts for the exceptional quality and high yields our customers experience every day with this newer technology.  Our attention to detail along with unsurpassed customer service explains why our customers keep coming back to us job after job.
In addition to Lead Free processing we also offer high quality SnPb solder solutions for products not required to meet ROHS specifications.