Electronic Manufacturing Services for Startups
Startups are fostering innovation all around the world. And it is always a challenge for newly established companies to figure out manufacturing: hardware manufacturing is not easy, and an established supply chain platform as well as cutting edge capabilities are required to create a product from scratch. At Poe, as an electronic contract manufacturing company, we understand proactivity and reactivity are instrumental to our customers’ success, as importantly as our engineering and manufacturing capabilities.
We Understand Your Needs
In startup companies, time dictates survival. We at Poe recognize the special demands a startup company has on its EMS partner. Our Startup Support Program is designed to not only ensure your survival, but your long-term prosperity. We offer one-on-one customized support to match with your unique needs.
Today's technology startups operate in an ever-changing global market, where intellectual creativity and marketing timing are equally important to ensure a successful product launch. Any delay in the new product introduction process can significantly impact the success of product launch, you company’s market value and survival.
Poe's NPI team has witnessed first-hand how many startup companies waste scarce R&D resources to chase after their incompetent EMS providers, which may includes debugging the critical PCBA engineering prototype, chasing delivery and material sourcing. At Poe, you can rest assured that, through our Startup Support Program, your needs will become our needs, and our cooperation goes to whatever lengths necessary to keep you critical schedule on track.
Our electronic manufacturing solutions for startups:
With our innovative capabilities and robust supply chain platform, you can benefit from our engineering and manufacturing services know-how right from the beginning. With in-house design services and third party partnershipas, we are able to support your project from beginning till the end and launch it on the market in record time. This increases your chances of success.
Create specification definitions / specifications
Board design and BOM review, analysis and optimization
First article inspections (FAI) of SMT and final assembly on pilot builds
Revision control, engineering change and process documentation
Design for manufacture (DFM) report
Design services (DfX)
Consigned and full turn key material procurement
Inventory processing and management
Startup Support Program
Our Startup Support Program focuses on close cooperation during the entire product prototyping and launching phase. Through understanding we may thoroughly become your dedicated manufacturing partner, allowing you to focus your resources on actual product design.
We understand that your chance of survival depends upon our speed and responsiveness. Our program strives to make your team productive and expedites your product's time-to-market:
Fully understand and support your requirements of the new product introduction process;
Utilize our team's 10 years of NPI experience to suggest manufacturing-related quality improvement and cost reduction measures;
Ensure that your prototype is well designed for production, so it's made right the first time. We always delivery high quality PCBA prototype timely so that you will no longer waste any time during the most time critical NPI (New Product Introduction) cycle;
Let your R&D team focusing on product innovation by preventing your valuable R&D resources wasted on manufacturing related tasks, such as PCBA prototype debuging, material sourcing and chasing delivery;
Provide you with further cost-reduction opportunities for volume production in our global electronic manufacturing services network.
How Poe can help startups
We are your strategic business partner to transform your innovative concept into a manufactured product. We can help you identify your optimal pathway in production to scale-up from small batch prototypes to large volume production of your innovation.
We collaborate with you to identify the best and most economical production technologies for the various stages of your business’ growth. Our production and quality control processes ensure the premium quality and reliability of your products – because we realize that as a start-up your reputation is crucial to your success.
You benefit from our engineering expertise, leading-edge capabilities, strong supply chain management, and in-house manufacturing facility. We are equipped to support the full lifecycle of your product and this flexibility enables scalable growth of your start-up business.
Our start-up clients span across several industries such as consumer goods, mechanical assistance devices, monitoring systems and smart sensors.
Accolades from our clients and strategic partnerships
Leveraging our global, established footprint as well as our cutting-edge capabilities and robust supply chain platform, you can benefit from our expertise in engineering and manufacturing services by partnering with us from the very beginning. With in-house design services as well as third-party partnerships with design, incubation and acceleration programs, we are equipped to support your project from end-to-end, successfully bringing it to market in record times enhancing your chances of success.