Joint Development Manufacturing
JDM means joint development manufacturing which based on OEM and filling the gap between OEM and ODM. For OEM the subcontract manufacturer don’t  need strong design capability. On the contrary, they just need very strong manufacturing capability, skilled workers, advanced components supply chain management capability and low price. Then OEM factory organize the manufacturing as per customer’s drawings. But ODM is totally different which requires the manufacturer has very strong design capability. But by ODM can waste much time and energy of manufacturer on some uncertain projects and also can make the manufacturer couldn’t gather enough sources to serve well all customers, so JDM comes to fill this gap between OEM and ODM.
By JDM, it means the customer and manufacturing supplier design and develop a product together. The customer designs and manufacturers the distinctive parts. While the supplier accomplish design and manufacture of other certain modules, along with final box-build assembly. This can create a complex yet rewarding partnership for both the outsourcing enterprise and the JDM. It’s a relationship that is built upon collaboration from beginning to end.
When the customer design a product, the manufacturer joins in and responsible for designing some parts of this product. Then the customer review manufacturer’s design is workable or not. By JDM the customer and manufacturer can complement each other’s technology weaknesses. The customer can use more less cost to get the final design and products and manufacturer also can use more less resources and energy to get the better and more higher profit projects.
Feature Of Our JDM Service
Poe offers the best manufacturing and supply chain and also works with customers on product design and manufacturing coupled with board, mechanical design, software design, manufacturing and validation to fully address customers’ expectations and requirements as well as the needs of various applications.
We provide the most advanced End-to-End (E2E) product designs, testing and customized production solutions based on different product technologies and complex system platforms. We not only take part in every phase of the design cycle from the original product concept, the detailed design, prototyping, to mass production, but also balance requirements between product designs and performances to quickly create products that meet market needs with the latest technology.
One-stop Solution and 100% On-time Delivery
Poe has a complete product development system and professional knowledge in manufacturing processes, listed as follows:
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Embedded Software
  • Test Development: Online, Functional, System Level
  • ECAD – PCB, Backplane Design, and Layout Services
  • Indoor / Outdoor Enclosure, Rack, Cabinet Design
  • Thermal Design, Simulation and Testing
  • Signal Coverage Layout Simulation and Measurement
  • Failure Analysis, Reliability, Environmental and Mechanical Testing
  • Regulatory Compliance Services
  • RF Modeling and Design
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Cloud System Development
Our Expertise
Poe well-trained R&D, experienced project management, in-house manufacturing and quality control staff, Wentai is committed to delivering solutions that offer a clear added-value to customers through our JDM service
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