What’s New Product Introduction (NPI)?
NPI, short form for New Product Introduction, means those activities that introduce a new or improved product. It includes the definition, layout, development, prototyping and even the launch of a product. The product doesn’t have any limitations – it can be anything.
It aims to get a final working prototype that can help one to get a faster market. People also call it NPD, short for New Product Development.
Here, the engineer’s work is to keep drafting new concepts for their product until the final prototype is ready, including any required design alterations.
Introduction of new products is a great deal. Electronics contract manufacturers know that NPI (New product introduction) is a must since it helps them to ease the complexities and move forward in the marketing community.
Benefits of New Product Introduction (NPI)
Reduced Development Costs
As the electronic contract manufacturers consider the product’s design and its issues before the production, it enables cost reductions. There will be no additional costs of alterations, design changes, or tests if it all gets taken into consideration earlier.
Efficient production process
The electronics contract manufacturing services make sure to adopt DFM and DFA (Design for manufacturability and Design for Assembly) for the NPI. It makes the production process more efficient. It enables them to produce high-quality products properly.
Market capabilities acceleration
Usually, competition can be noticed for the marketing of products. If the electronics contract manufacturers cannot fulfill the consumers’ demands (fast delivery of the products), marketing errors may occur. Since NPI makes sure not to give rise to any manufacturing issues...
Better product quality
In NPI, the proper design of a product is always considered to produce better outputs. Thus, it helps in increasing the overall quality of a product, which can be pretty beneficial.
Increased customer satisfaction
In NPI, the performance and functionality of a product are adequately tested, and the electronics contract manufacturers make sure to run everything smoothly. It helps in a better performing product’s production. As the functionality is better, customer satisfaction will improve as well.
Our rapid NPI service:    
Rapid delivery, for small batch sizesNPI SMT line with vapour phase reflow 
Production standard IPC class 2 or 3 by accredited technicians 
Full turnkey, including traceable materials and blank PCB's substrates
Standard and complex SMT capability
Engineered solutions, for demanding development programs 
Digital integration for tracking, instructions and product feedback  
Our engineers work closely with our customers' engineers on issues related to the prototyping of new products. We don't just care about electronic components and subsystems, we also help:
Electrical engineering, including PCBA design review, layout modification and material procurement;
Mechanical engineering, including fixture manufacturing, plastic and metal casing design, and packaging design;
Test design, including ICT / ATE testability analysis, fixture management and tester programming.
Features Of Our Npi Services
Completely joining in product design and manufacturing process
10+~33 years experienced team to manage project and design
Robust upstream and downstream resources to realize NPI quickly
Design and manufacturing at house
Board Design
Poe is a manufacturer specializing in high-mix builds instead of high-volume is already used to a rapidly changing production environment. Our  CMs typically make for a better NPI manufacturing partner. We will have multiple checkpoints built into our manufacturing lines for manual oversight and quickly adapt to any prototype, or NPI build changes.
Genuine parts at a fair price
The Poe engineering and manufacturing teams have more than 15 years experience in delivering highly complex, high quality and quick-turn PCBA prototype and New Product Introduction (NPI) services.
Our team is one of the earliest to specialize in express prototype and NPI services in the PCBA industry. Our consistent performance and sound track records has earned us the recognition by customer as the best express prototype/NPI team of choice.
Engineering Support Services
We can easily accommodate the most demanding designs, and will work closely with your design team to support last moment engineering changes even if the job is already on the line if possible. Our highly experience and competent NPI engineers will oversee process design, equipment implementation and quality verification.
Quick Responsive Service
We understand the importance of responsiveness and flexibility during any prototype build. Our quick-turn PCBA prototyping process delivers a finished product in as little as 24 hours, and our engineers are always receptive to the wide range of requirements you may have. Our consistent quality performance and on-time delivery promises to dramatically reduce the time-to-market of your upcoming new product.
New Product Introduction Process
We have a rigorous NPI-new product introduction service process to ensure the quality of new product introduction. But we still allow flexibility, so that the customer's design changes can be immediately updated into the sample production. Throughout the new product t introduction process, our professional teams in each department will carefully monitor any foreseeable problems that may arise during the NPI and try to completely resolve them before formal mass production.
From the moment we receive your product design, we act as your professional manufacturing service consultant. Our production, engineering, materials, and quality control departments work with your engineering design team to carefully control every step of the process to ensure smooth and efficient operation and achieve high-quality, low-cost and fast time-to-market excellence.
In the initial NPI planning phase, all related departments including production, engineering, materials and quality should be working together to carry out the preparations required for the first trial run. These tasks usually include:
Preparation of BOM bill of materials;
Create the appropriate jig;
Program production and test machines;
Establish a quality monitoring process.
During the first trial production period, we collect important key data, and our engineers will evaluate whether the trial production product is acceptable and determine the improvement items needed for the product and production process.
Once the improvements required for the first trial run have been verified, you can rest assured that you can start mass production in the most efficient way now.
Customer Satisfaction
Many of our customers have, with great satisfaction, transferred their PCB assembly operations to us from top tier electronic contract manufacturing providers, who frequently fail to provide priority attention, quality and responsiveness to any except their top-volume customers.
Through the entire PCBA prototype and NPI process, Poe has consistently provided on-time deliveries that exceed our customers' quality, speed, and service expectations. We frequently receive customer appreciations for our level of quality and service in helping then launching new products swiftly to market at lowest total cost.