Why You Should Care About Supply Chain Security
There are a lot of problems that can affect the global PCBA manufacturing and supply chain. The recent COVID-19 pandemic is the most obvious example of this. There are however other events that can also cause problems for the supply chain, such as:
Materials shortages: Another reason for part shortages is if the component manufacturers can’t get enough raw materials to meet their production quotas.
Political disturbances: These problems can affect everything from manufacturing to shipping, and they will result in higher than expected prices or reduced production.
Coronavirus: With the restrictions imposed in many countries to combat the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, manufacturing plants have seen their workforce diminished. New social distancing requirements require workers to be more spread out, while other employees are unable to work due to family conflicts or being sick themselves. In many cases, manufacturing plants were shut down entirely, which further damaged the supply chain.
Whatever the cause, fluctuations in your supply chain can impact your product delivery, including:
  • Component shortages for building circuit boards.
  • Materials used in the manufacturing of circuit boards are not readily available.
  • Communication breakdowns between you and overseas manufacturers.
  • Labor shortages in the areas of the problems that affect your manufacturers.
  • Fluctuating prices that cause your board production to be over-budget.
  • Shipping problems that delay you from getting the product back into your factories.
Thankfully, there are people with an understanding of these different supply chain dynamics that can help.
How Poe Can Help
Here at Poe, we are ready to help you with your PCB manufacturing. We are fully compliant with the government regulations regarding this crisis in order to ensure the safety of our customers and our staff. At the same time, we are still maintaining our manufacturing lines in order to be responsive to the essential business needs of our customers. We are committed to making sure that your critical needs will still be taken care of during the pandemic.
To provide you with the highest quality service, we have an extensive network of suppliers to make sure that we have the components and materials available that your projects need. Our production lines are also optimized for low-volume high-mix manufacturing. Not only does this serve the needs of our customers for their prototype and NPI projects, but we can quickly take on your projects to fill a need until your mass production facilities are ready to support you again.
We also still stand by our commitment to provide all of our customers with the best engineering and manufacturing support. While we currently need to limit direct customer contact to comply with governmental regulations and enforce necessary social distancing measures, we are still heavily engaged with our clients.
Features Of Our Supply Chain Service
We know the PCB world inside out. Our global manufacturing network gives us a deep understanding of the PCB market and its drivers, enabling us to deliver expert solutions at every point of the supply chain.
We share our knowledge and experience, to benefit our customers. From quotation to order fulfilment, our team of experts are here to guide and advise you.
With the continuous development of the POE PCB Assembly business, we have added component sourcing services, which can improve the efficiency of the PCB assembly production line and give you more time for project engineering and design.
POE has established reliable business relationship with brand components distributors and supplier, and contributes POE with global components sourcing database.
The component procurement service has several options for you to choose flexibly:​​​​​​
1. We purchase parts from leading authorized distributors of electronic components;
Note: Without your approval, no substitutes will be used.
2. We purchase parts from the channels you recommend;
3. Complete set or consignment: You provide us with all the components;
4. Combination: You provide some components and we provide the rest.  
Key Features of Effective Supply Chain Management
The transparency in supply chain management means each link shares the information freely that is essential for managing costs and meeting expectations. It can build trust among supply chain partners, which can finally establish a strong and reliable relationship to support the operation of the whole supply chain.
Timely Communication
Good communication makes sure that each link in the supply
Risk Management
During the operation of the supply chain, it is inevitable that unexpected situations or new problems may occur, so the ability to handle the emergencies is important. Effective supply chain management can prepare a formal contingency plan soon that can be implemented immediately and finally resolve the problem.
Analysis and Prediction
Effective supply chain management can analyze the current situation of enterprises including their strength and weakness, in addition, it can help to predict the customer needs so you can make plans for future production in advance, which is beneficial for the sustainable development of enterprises.
5 Steps of Supply Chain Management Works
Planning is the first stage, all resources should be planned ahead to meet customers’ needs and achieve the expected performance.
Select good suppliers and manage their relationships. In this stage, it is also necessary to establish some procedures to regulate procurement, inventory management, and payment.
Organize the required activities such as raw material acceptance, product manufacturing, quality inspection, shipping packaging, and delivery planning.
Delivery and Logistics
Coordinating customer orders, arranging deliveries, dispatching goods, issuing invoices to customers, and receiving payments.
Develop a network that supports taking back products including defective products and excess products. This stage also refers to inventory and transportation management.
Choose Poe For Your Supply Chain Partner
POE has 10 yeas experience on Electronics Components purchasing area. POE 20 procurement engineers all have at least 5 years experiences in Components purchasing area. We purchase components both from mainland China and Overseas countries.
POE’s HK and offices play crucial role in parts procurement to present combined pricing for the most competitive BOM quote integral for the Turnkey RFQs and operations. Our BOM quotation lead time can be as fast as 24 hours.
POE fast turnaround service combined with enhanced parts procurement system will cater to the customers who require both small volume and large volume production demands.
OUR Advantages:
Forecasts every component to assure availability
Analyzes Bill of Materials (BOM) and production documentation to ensure component uniformity and data integrity
Recommends alternative components to reduce cost while maintaining product quality
Provides expertise and purchasing power through extensive global supplier relationships to reduce overall material cost
Performs continuous supplier development and assessment to ensure supplier stability, delivery capabilities, and compliance
Implements comprehensive documentation system to provide a range of traceability from simple to complex:
Batch / Serial Number
Country of origin
Every part by supplier
Lot Specific
Global sourcing
We take pride in our powerful intelligence collection for procurement activities at home and abroad, sophisticated ability to manage supplier information, and strong ability to balance procurement resources. Supported by our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and our PLM platform, our capabilities ensure constant procurement in a systematic and efficient environment.
Complete procurement/qualification process
Supplier audits and risk analysis
Structural parts, electronic materials, equipment and accessories procurement
Global logistics
We are the AEO enterprise certified by the General Administration of Customs of China, with the efficient customs clearance capabilities in overseas markets. We can transport the goods in China by transferring them among factories, keep goods circulating well inside and outside the region, and easily handle the sales in China and customs affairs to guarantee the timely delivery of the products to customers.
Global logistics management team
Supporting global factory logistics system to support global business development
Global intelligent logistics management platform, from raw materials import to the client’s warehouse inventory management