What is the difference between PCB double panel and four -layer board?

Today, what is the difference between PCB double panel and four -layer board today? The difference between double panels and four -layer boards during SMT processing. The foundation of SMT processing is PCB, that is, printing circuit boards. They are distinguished by layers, such as double panels and four layers. At present, it can achieve up to 64 layers. From a technical perspective, the number of layers is unlimited in the future. The structure of some supercomputers has nearly 100 layers. If you want to know how to reasonably choose the number of layers of the PCB board, after reading the introduction of the difference between the double panels and the four -layer board in SMT pcb processing, then make a decision!

The difference between double panels and four -layer board during SMT processing

Double panel

Compared with the four -layer board, double panels are easier to use due to its simple design. Although not as simple as a single panel, they are as simple as possible without sacrificing the double -sided input function. The reduced complexity leads to the same reduced price label, but this means that less likely is compared to the four -layer board. However, as the most common circuit board in the industry, its significant advantage is that the signal has not delayed the transmission.

Four -layer board

The four -layer board has a larger surface area than the double panel, which increases the possibility of more wiring. Therefore, they are very suitable for more complicated equipment. Due to their complexity, production costs will be higher, and development will be slower. They are also more likely to have delayed or mutual influence, so reasonable design is very important.

So what is the use of layers?

The most important layer in PCB is the copper foil signal layer, which is the name of the PCB. Although the double panel has two signal layers, there are four PCB 4 layers of PCB. These signal layers are used to connect to other electronic components in the device. Between these layers is an insulating layer or core, it is added between the signal layer to give it a structure. In the four -layer board, there is also a welded layer here, which is applied to the top of the signal layer. This prevents the copper trace line from interfere with other metal components on the PCB. They also have a silk layer to add numbers to different components to make them easier to lay out.

What is the difference between why double layer pcb panels and four -layer board? The difference between the difference between double panels and four -layer boards during SMT processing, if you want to know more, you can pay attention to PCBAMAKE. Related technical knowledge of films and PCBA processing, welcome to leave a message!