Printed Circuit board copy plate

Printed Circuit board copy plate, that is, under the premise of existing electronic products and circuit board physical objects, use reverse research and development technology to reverse the circuit board to analyze the circuit board, and use the PCB manufacturing file, material list (BOM) file, and schematic diagram of the original product Technical files such as files and PCB wire printing production files perform 1: 1, and then use these technical files and production files to perform PCB brakes, components welding, flying needle testing, and circuit board debugging to complete the complete copy of the original circuit board model plate Essence

Because electronic products are composed of various circuit boards, the core control parts work, so the process of using the circuit board copy board can complete the extraction of any electronic product technology data and the imitation and cloning of the product.

Many people have misunderstandings about the concept of circuit board copy plates. In fact, with the continuous development and deepening of the copy of the board industry, the concept of circuit board copy plate has been extended and extended. Heton will also involve the second development of the product and the development of new products.

For example, through the analysis of existing product technical documents, design ideas, structural characteristics, process technology, etc., you can provide feasibility analysis and competitive reference for the research and development and design of new products, and assist R & D design units to follow up the latest. The technological development trend, timely adjust the improvement of product design plans, and develop the most competitive new products in the market.

At the same time, the process of circuit board copy plate can achieve rapid update and upgrading and secondary development of various types of electronic products through the extraction and partial modification of the technical data files. According to the file diagram and schematic diagram extracted by the copied board, professional designers can also Based on the customer's wishes to optimize the design and modification of the PCB, you can also add new functions to the product or redesign the product on this basis. Not only has its own intellectual property rights, but also won the first opportunity in the market, bringing dual benefits to customers.

If you have a complete printed circuit board, negative or paper manuscript, but without Gerber, PCBAMAKE can re -produce a Gerber, BOM list, and schematic diagram, and then produce the circuit board