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PCB Manufacturing Overview

PCBAMake PCB established in 1996 in Shenzhen, as one of the leading PCB manufacturer in China( 100% directly operated by the factory, without any middlemen ). We can offer one-stop service from PCB manufacturing to components assembling,testing and housing.We have more than 20 years of successful experience on the global EMS PCB market and enjoy high reputation in the world with on-time delivery.

Our PCB manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce a wide range of products, We can make just about any printed circuit board you can think of including HDI PCB Multilayer PCBs (up to 40layers), High-tech PCB Thick Copper PCBHalogen PCB as standard options, and more special PCBs such as Rigid-Flex PCB aluminum PCB and Rogers PCB.

For more than 20 years, we have won praises from customers all over the world with our professional product technology and high-quality service.

We will continue to upgrade our full-featured PCB services through better equipment and more efficient technology to provide customers with the highest quality full-featured PCB manufacturing and assembly. We will continue to develop and challenge ourselves and adhere to the highest quality and efficiency standards to ensure that we can help your printed circuit board use company achieve the greatest success.

Why Choose PCBAMake PCB Fabrication service?

PCBAmake has a full range of PCB manufacturing capabilities to meet all your printed circuit board needs.

PCB's manufactured in 24 hours and assembled

In 1day to help meet your time-to-market challenges

2KGS worldwide shipping for free

Up to 40 layers, IPC Class 3 Standard

Free Design for Manufacturing(DFM) Checking

Laser-drilled microvias, via-in-pad

Quick turn prototype & mass production

Ship 24hours worldwide each day DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT/EMS

PCB strict quality control process with Probe-flying and E-test

Provide an online ERP and quoting system for customers

Provides hand-on customer service for each small and large order

PCB Fabrication Service
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How do we get started

  • Send gerber files and PCB board manufacturing information to poe@pcbamake.com to provide a quotation

  • Confirm PO and enter the engineering processing information

  • Free DFM inspection and send engineering questions

  • After the engineering issues are confirmed, MI is issued and materials are put into production.

  • Start proofing, prototype 1-5 days depending on the layers and Qty

  • Order production, completed in 1-2 weeks, depending on the layers and Qty

  • Global shipping

  • Customer feedback

  • Complete the order

Bare PCB leadtime

If you are interested in a certain PCB service,please contact us at poe@pcbamake.com, we will respond if we can do or not within 24 hours



quick turn
unual time
Mass production(above 30m2)
24 hours
3-4 days
6-8 days
48 hours
12-14 days
72 hours
6-8 days
14-16 days
72 hours
8-10 days
16-18 days
96 hours
10-13 days
18-20 days

Types of PCB Fabrication and Servies

Rigid PCB

Flexible PCB

Mutilayer PCB

Rigid-flex PCB


Thick Copper PCB

Double Layer PCB

High-Frequency PCB


Ceramic PCB


Aluminum PCB

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PCB Manufacturing Quality Certification

ISO 14001:2015-pcbamake.com






UL Certificate-pcbamake.com


ROHS Certificate-pcbamake.com


IPC Certificate-pcbamake.com


SGS Certificate-pcbamake.com


PCB Manufacturing & Assembly Capabilities

One Stop Contract Manufacturing Facility In China
For 1-40layer PCBS/Fully Turnkey PCB Assembly/EMS/OEM

PCB Manufacturing capabilities:
Feature Capability
Min. Line Width 0.076mm/3mil
Min. Hole Size 0.15mm(mechanical) 0.1mm (la ser drilling)
Min. Line Spacing 0.076mm/3mil
Copper Thickness 1oz---13oz
Base Material Aluminum, FR4, Flex, Flex-rigid, HDI, Rogers,
Board Thickness 0.2mm~7.0mm
Surface Finishing HASL with lead, HASL Lead-free, Immersion Gold, OSP, Hard Gold
Finsih Copper 1-13oz
Solder Mask Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black, Purple, Matte Black, Matte green
Silkscreen White, Black
Testing Fly Probe Testing (Free) and A.O.L testing
Build time 24 hours
Layer 1-40layers

PCBA Manufacturing capabilities:

  • Quick turn PCB assembly manufacturing
  • Low to high volume surface mount and through-hole PCB assembly
  • 01005s, BGA, uBGA, CCGA CSP and Flip Chip
  • 0.4mm Fine Pitch Devices
  • Prototype and pre-production electronic assembly
  • Surface Mount Technology (Paste and Epoxy)
  • Encapsulation and conformal coating of PCB assemblies
  • Lead-Free assembly
  • Intrusive reflow
  • Press fit
  • Wave/Selective wave soldering
  • Double/Single-sided reflow processing
  • Rework and repairs (Fine Pitch QFP, Area Array Packages)
  • Functional, electrical, and in-circuit testing
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PCB Production Process

PCB Drilling equipment

01. Drilling

PCB PTH Plated equipment

02. PTH Plated

PCB Exposure equipment

03. Exposure

PCB Developing equipment

04. Developing

PCB Image Transfer Equipment

05. Image Transfer

PCB Stripping Equipment

06. Stripping

PCB Soldermask Equipment

07. Soldermask

PCB Silkscreen Equipment

08. Silkscreen

PCB Surface Finish Equipment

09. Surface Finish

PCB CNC Equipment

10. CNC

PCB V-Cut Equipment

11. V-Cut

PCB E-test Equipment

12. E-test



How long have you been making PCB&PCBA?


PCBAMake has been making PCBs for more than 26 years.We built our assembly plant and begin assembly business in 1996.


How do I get a quick quote for PCB or PCB assembly?


Please send your files and requirements to Orders@pcbamake.com.Quote will be sent back as soon as we get through an evaluation.


Do you cater SMT prototype boards?


Yes, we are fully equipped to handle your any kind of custom SMT prototype board requirements.MOQ is 1PCS.


What files and documents do you request for my PCBA orders?


Gerber Files/Bill of Materials, complete information in excel format/Centroid Data/Other requirements or assembly instructions if applicable.