POE PCB Manufacturing Overview
POE PCB established in 1996 in Shenzhen, as one of the leading PCB manufacturer in China.We can offer one-stop service from PCB desiging,manufacturing to components assembling,testing and housing.We have more than 21 years of successful experience on the global EMS market and enjoy high reputation in the world with on-time delivery.
Our PCB manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce a wide range of products, We can make just about any printed circuit board you can think of including HDI PCB, Multilayer PCBs (up to 40layers),High-tech PCB, Thick Copper PCB, Halogen PCB as standard options, and more special PCBs such as Flex-Rigid PCB, aluminum PCB and Rogers PCB.
For more than 20 years, we have won praises from customers all over the world with our professional product technology and high-quality service.
We will continue to upgrade our full-featured PCB services through better equipment and more efficient technology to provide customers with the highest quality full-featured PCB manufacturing and assembly. We will continue to develop and challenge ourselves and adhere to the highest quality and efficiency standards to ensure that we can help your printed circuit board use company achieve the greatest success.
Single-Sided PCB
It is also known as single layer PCB. They are circuit boards that contain a base or substrate surface. On a basic circuit PCB, components are gathered on one side and wires are gathered on the other side. Since the wires only appear on the inner side, this type of pcb circuit board is called a single-layer pcb circuit board. Because the single-layer pcb circuit board has many strict restrictions on the design of the circuit (because it can only be on one side, and the wiring cannot be crossed and must be routed in a separate way), this method can only be used for the initial circuit or the circuit with particularly simple wiring. class of plates.
Double-Sided PCB
These are similar to the single sided PCB and have electronic components on both sides of the substrate. In double-sided boards, electronic components embed with two methods: through-hole or surface mount technology. Therefore, the process which allows directly soldering the component into the board is surface mount technology. In comparison, by hand drilling holes into the board and connects the components by soldering. It is more suitable for use on more complicated circuits than single-layer pcb circuit boards.
Multi-Layer PCB
According to the need and applications, the multi layer can be developed which consists of three or more layers. The separation of layers uses insulating material. Likewise, in the double-layer and multi-layer board, there are two methods: surface mount and through-hole. Specially, these multi layers boards have 3 – 10 layers depending on electronic applications.  Medical equipment and also servers use multi layer boards. POE Technology is the best company for multi-layer PCB board manufacturer in china.
Flexible PCB
A flexible circuit board is made of a flexible material which provides it the ability to bend and adjust according to the available space. These PCBs are also called Flexible/Flex circuits.
As a professional flex PCB manufacturer in China, we provide quality flexible PCBs of any shape and size up to 480mm x 4000mm. We are capable of making multilayer PCBs up to 8 layers.
Rigid-Flex PCB
The combination of Rigid PCB and Flexible PCB is Rigid-Flex PCB. There can be one or more rigid and flexible parts. It provides more flexibility in designing.
At POE, we offer 1-12 layers Rigid-Flex PCBs up to 406mm x 610mm. The flexible part is of DuPont PI or Shengyi PI, while the rigid part can be of FR-4 or any other suitable substrate.
PCB Fabrica Advantage
Production Range:
Number of plies: 2-32 layer board(rigidity)
Material range:FR-4(include high TG,high CTE),high frequency materials ,metal based materials,embedded passive component materals
surface treatment range:hot air leveling ,chemical nickel,gold,chemicial tin,chemical silver 
Machining characteristic Range:
HDI Board
Copper plate circuit board
High frequency materials and FR4 Multilayer Laminates
Bind  Hole/Hole plate and characteristic impedance contro  board
Application Range:
Communication and industry control equipment
computers and peripherals
Automotive electronics 
Medical equipment
Power supply
Consumer electronics
PCB Process Flow
Why Choose POE PCB Fabrica Service?
24h Rapid Response | Seeking Truth and Being Pragmatic | High Quality and High Efficient
In brief, we are one of the top China PCB manufacturer, offer high quality service which includes layout software, PCB Artist and necessary tool for DFM PCB files. POE also provides hand-on customer service for each small and large order. We also provide an online ERP and Quoting system for customers, which is helpful and very easy to use. Hence, our professional teams with 50 Engineers, 24/7 contact access, and advanced technology of PCB turns the customer toward China PCB manufacturer .
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