RO3000 high frequency rogers PCB circuit material

RO3000 high frequency rogers PCB circuit material is a ceramic filled PTFE composite for commercial microwave and RF applications. This series provides excellent electrical and mechanical stability at a competitive price.

RO3000 series circuit board

RO3000 series rogers PCB laminate is a ceramic-filled polytetrafluoroethylene-based circuit material. No matter which dielectric constant is chosen, its mechanical properties are consistent. This allows designers to develop multilayer board designs using different dielectric constant data on each layer without warping or reliability issues.

RO3000 series rogers PCB exhibits a CTE of 17 ppm/o C in both the X and Y axes. The coefficient of expansion matches that of steel, which results in good dimensional stability and typical etch shrinkage (after etching and baking) of less than 0.5 mil/inch. The z-axis CTE is 24ppm/C, providing excellent plated-through-hole reliability even in harsh thermal environments.

RO3000 Series Rogers PCB laminates can be manufactured into printed circuit boards using standard polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) circuit board processing techniques with only minor modifications as described in the application note "Manufacturing Guidelines for RO3000 Series High Frequency Rogers PCB Circuit Materials" . RO3000 series rogers PCB laminates are manufactured according to ISO9001 certification system.

Applications: Automotive radar PCB, RF coupler PCB, cost-sensitive aviation PCB, GPS antenna PCB

RF/Microwave PCB Applications Radio frequency PCB printed circuit board (RF PCB) is an increasingly used technology in the PCB industry.

High-frequency radio frequency PCB, microwave PCB with operating frequency above 100 MHz and microwave PCB with operating frequency above 2 GHz.

RF PCBs are used in different applications such as remote control (wireless control) security, smartphones, sensors, etc.

New technologies are increasingly taking advantage of these radio frequency applications.

This requires manufacturing to high quality standards and selecting the correct RF material for the application.

It is important to understand the characteristics of various materials. In the production process of RF PCB, choosing the appropriate material may be the most critical decision.

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