AOI in SMT chip processing

In SMT patch processing, the role of AOI (automatic optical inspection) is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Automated detection: AOI equipment can achieve automated detection on high-speed production lines, replacing traditional manual visual inspection and greatly improving detection efficiency and accuracy.


Improved production efficiency: Due to the high-speed automatic detection of AOI equipment, it is possible to complete the inspection of a large number of PCBAs in a short period of time, effectively improving production efficiency and shortening the production cycle.

Improving product quality: AOI equipment can detect subtle welding defects, component offsets, polarity errors, and other issues, and promptly identify and correct them, ensuring product quality and stability.
Reducing human error: Manual inspection may be affected by visual fatigue and subjective factors, while AOI equipment is not plagued by these problems and can perform more accurate detection, reducing the possibility of human error.
Data analysis and traceability: The AOI system can store inspection results and images to generate detailed data reports. These data can be used for the improvement of the production process and the traceability of product quality, helping companies to continuously improve and optimize production processes.
In general, AOI plays a role in improving production efficiency, product quality, and reducing human error in SMT PCBA patch processing.