FAQ for PCB Assembly

Today we’d like to share with you some questions you might face about PCB assembly.

What kind of services we provide?

PCBAMake is a factory specialized in PCB/PCBA over 20+ years. what kind of services we provide?

our services include PCB fabrication, components sourcing, PCB assembly, programming, functional testing, conformal coating, Cable assembly, Case packaging assembly, Carton box, etc. And during PCB assembly, we also provide additional Service Options such as SMT stencil, Reflow Soldering Tray, DIP JIG holder, Clean Washer

If customer have other needs and not sure what we can provide, just tell our sales representative, they will reply in time.

How do we order components for customer’s PCBA projects?

As we all know, every PCBA project have a BOM list, but how do we order components for our customer’s projects?  

Well, for the BOM list, we will strictly follow the information of components on customer's BOM list during procurement. POE has 35 engineering purchaser to handle all parts procurement, We offer price within 24 hours or the longest 3 days depending on complexity of BOM. we offer price in short time. And If any component in the BOM is stock out or obsolete, our purchaser engineer will go for substitute and ask for suggestion from customers. Any replacement for parts in BOM will be used after customers’ approval.

More importantly, we have reliable and resourceful supply chain to meet customers’ demands with reasonable price. We procure parts domestically also overseas . That is to say, we have good price from our local distributors and suppliers who we work with for more than 10 years.

What is the lead time on a turn-key order?

The overall project Lead time is the sum Parts Procurement lead time and PCB Assembly lead time. However, we try to shorten the time line by streamlining our PCB Assembly Process. For instance, once we receive customer’s Gerber Files for PCB Fabrication and BOM for PCB Assembly, we will start to prepare the stencil for the board and complete the fabrication concurrently with the parts procurement process.

Lead time is one of the most thing our customers care about.

For prototypes, our general lead time is 10-15days; 

For volume order, our salesperson will send you lead time while offer you quotation.

Please subscribe and leave us message for any questions, we are always there for you!