PCBA value added service

PCBAMake is a full service printed circuit board manufacturer providing industry leading technology inPCB Fabrication, PCB Assembly and components soucing, additionly we also provide programming, funcational testing,case assembly and so on,we are one of China's leading companies in PCB/PCBA industry.


Today we are gonna to introduce some PCBAMake PCBA value added services, like: programming&function test;conformal coating; cable and enclosure assembly.

Programming&function test

As a full-service PCBA manufacture, PCBAMake understands how important high-quality is to our customers, so we provide IC programming and function test service. 

According to the burn-in file (hex. or bin file) provided by the customer and the test method, our engineers will make a test fixture and start to synchronize the test with the customer to ensure that each board works properly.

Our IC programming services provide the firmware and programming expertise needed to load the correct digital code into the microcontrollers, memory chips and programmable logic specified in the PCB design. We are able to streamline our customers' supply chains, minimize risks and defects, and ensure that customer-assembled boards perform flawlessly from day one.

PCBA value added service

Conformal coating

At PCBAMake, coating technologies form an essential part of how we protect every circuit board we produce for our customers. We apply a wide range of conformal, potting, conductive and other coating types to defend our customers' PCBs against moisture, extreme temperatures, chemicals, EMI, vibration and other threats. 

Using decades of experience, automated equipment and rigorous processes, our coating services ensure the maximum reliability and longevity for the circuit boards we build.

Our key coating processes:

• Automated spray or dip systems for high throughput and uniform thickness

• Nitrogen-purged spray booths for assemblies with moisture-sensitive parts

• Curing ovens that precisely cure coatings

• Chemical etching to increase coating adhesion

• Barcode scanning for 100% traceable coating

Cable and enclosure assembly

PCBAMake as a leading printed circuit board company, we have been providing high-quality PCB solutions to customers in various industries for many years. Our services also include cable assembly and enclosure assembly services.

What are Cable Assembly and enclosure assembly?

Cable assembly is the process of creating custom cables and harnesses to interconnect the various components within an electronic system. Selection of appropriate cables, connectors and other components, as well as assembly, testing and inspection of the final product. 

Whereas, enclosure assembly is a service offered by PCBAMake for assembling electronic components into enclosures or "boxes".The enclosure building assembly process including:Designing the Enclosure,Mounting the PCB,Wiring:,testing,packaging. PCBAMake offers cassette assembly services to help our customers create finished products efficiently.