What should PCBA board transport packaging?

One -stop PCBA manufacturers will tell you what should be paid attention to PCBA board transportation packaging? PCBA board transport packaging precautions. After the circuit board PCBA processing is completed, it is necessary to transport it to the customer's hands. Therefore, the packaging of the PCBA board is very important. Otherwise, the panels made by hard work, because the packaging is not good for damage during transportation, it is really worthless.

A good PCBA processing plant will attach great importance to the transportation packaging of the PCBA board. Next, the Shenzhen PCBA processing plant will introduce the precautions for the PCBA board transportation packaging.

PCBA board transportation packaging precautions

1. Packaging material

The PCBA board is a relatively fragile and easy -to -damage product. Before transportation, you must use air bubble bags, pearl cotton, electrostatic bags, and vacuum bags.

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2. Anti -static packaging

Electricity will break through the chip in the PCBA board. Because the static electricity cannot be seen, it cannot be touched, it is easy to produce. Therefore, in the process of packaging transportation, the anti -static packaging method must be used.

3. Wide -proof packaging

Before the packaging, the PCBA board should be cleaned and dry on the surface, and spray three anti -paint.

4. Anti -vibration packaging

Put the packaged PCBA board in a anti -static packaging box. When placing vertically, it is superimposed up to not exceed two layers. Stopping the barrier in the middle should be kept stable and preventing shaking.

What should I pay attention to about PCBA board transportation and packaging? The knowledge points of PCBA board transportation packaging precautions, if you want to know more, you can pay attention to PCBAMAKE. Welcome to leave a message!