New Energy Automobile PCB ushered in new opportunities

With the continuous growth of my country's new energy vehicles in recent years, the Automobile PCB market has ushered in the opportunity to continue to expand.

The proportion of automotive electrons has continued to increase, and the trend will continue. New energy vehicles have a proportion of automobile electrons of 65%, which is significantly improved compared to fuel vehicles. The continuous improvement of automotive electronic applications will increase the demand for its basic components-PCB. 

Automobile PCB is applied to control systems, audiovisual systems, GPS modules, etc. Driven by the new four -year car in the future, the value of bicycles is expected to increase significantly, driving the overall market size to grow. 5G accelerate network penetration, and further open the PCB growth space for the vehicle. According to agency estimates, by 2025, the global car PCB output value will exceed 100 billion yuan, and the compound growth rate of compound growth rate from 2021-2025 will be about 15%. PCB upstream copper plates account for about 30%of the overall cost. 

At present, the price of copper and epoxy resin has stabilized or declined, which is expected to alleviate the pressure of PCB manufacturers. Domestic PCB manufacturer have expanded production in order to respond to future demand, and the industry's overall development is prosperous. PCBAMAKE PCB and PCBA products are widely used in the automotive electronics industry, and you can contact us online customer service at any time.