POE Christmas event

When the holiday bugle of Christmas is sounded, all the POE staff carry out Christmas activities together in the office on the afternoon of December 25, 2021.

1: Santa Claus Giving Out the Gifts

There was a colleague of ours dressed up in Santa’s costume and walked in from the office door quietly in advance. After the Christmas gifts prepared by the company are all given out, everyone was surprised at the time.

2: Relay Race of Eating Oranges

1. Three players were sent from each department to participate as a team, and each player should start eating oranges at the same time.

2. After the first player finish eating up an orange, the next player will play and whistle after eating.

3. The first team that ate all three oranges first will each get a Christmas gift package.

In the process of eating oranges, everyone was so excited. The contestants were eating desperately, and the cheerleaders desperately shouting for cheer. The atmosphere was super tense, and of course, everyone was super happy.

3: Passing the Parcel

With all members gathering in a circle and Christmas music being played in the background, the Passing Parcel game is ready to go. When the music starts to play, one picks up the apple and passed it to the one next to him/her. When the music ends, the delivery stopped immediately and at this time the one who is holding the apple in their hands will be punished.

4: Christmas Gifts Exchanging Draw

Everyone was asked to prepare one gift in advance for others and each gift would have a unique number for the latter gift exchanging draw. When the draw starts, everyone gets a number on a piece of paper in front of the Christmas tree and tries to find the gift under the Christmas tree. Small gifts carry full blessings, I hope everyone will always be so happy not only Christmas!

Five: Birthday and Tea Party

The monthly employee birthday party is also held on this day, with a strong festive atmosphere and the company’s carefully prepared drinks, desserts, snacks, birthday cakes, and best wishes from all POEers!

Everyone is in good vibes and left beautiful memories today. All the staff of POE wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!