POE Hakka style one -day tour

Feel the tranquil sky in my heart, far from the hustle and bustle of the city;

Let go of busy work for a while to breathe a free air;
In the bustling urban life, "original ecology" has become a luxury.

We are eager to run in the natural environment of the original ecology,

We want to taste the original food,

We want to experience different customs and customs ...

8:30 All the company's company gathered downstairs to the first stop "Gankeng Town" to experience a unique Hakka culture.

Gankeng Town, a paradise on the edge of the bustling edge.

The Town of Gankeng originated in the Ming and Qing dynasties, with a history of more than 300 years. It is one of the top ten Hakka villages in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Aboriginal people are dominated by Hakka people. In the local Hakka language of Shenzhen, "pit" refers to "mountain streams", that is, small streams, small water ditch in the mountains, Hakka people often use pit and Li Lianlian. The word, Gankengquan is full of eyes, and the stream is sweet, so it is called "Gankeng". Although the eyes of Quan are rare today, Hakka culture has been inherited well in Gankeng.

Here is very Hakka, ancient houses, small lanes, a variety of crafts, unique craftsmen, enthusiasts wearing costumes, and dazzling foods ...

The landscape is the bone, and the culture is the soul. At noon, we dinner in the rich landscape rural restaurants at noon, away from the hustle and bustle of dust, taste the salty and spicy, authentic, green and environmentally friendly, unique flavor of Lingnan "Hakka vegetable"

After dinner, we took a break. We followed the tour guide to the next stop of "Landscape and Rural", and enjoyed the city's "Xanadu" landscape and rural environmental protection farm. Under the leadership of the team leader, visit the landscape and rural cultural landscape area along the lake, including: China (Guanlan) Landscape Chinese Painting Industry Base, Dongba Wish Wind Bell, Rural Exhibition Hall, Family Training Cultural Wall, Red Plaza, Ecological Farming Park.

After the tour, everyone takes a photo to record this beautiful memory together

We have also experienced many intense and exciting play projects: handling wooden boats, space strolls, self -spinning, watching 7D movies, pirate boats, hammers, etc.

Happy time is always very fast, and at a blink of an eye to return.

Here we have left our footprints, and our laughter is left,

But beautiful memories and pleasant moods were brought back, and it would be delayed.

This event allows us to integrate into the nature and original ecology, and wash the fatigue of our souls, welcome the future challenges in a better state, come on the POE people, let us look forward to the next trip together!