POE Technology in 2021

Learning for group building will go!

Life is not only work, but also poetry and distance.

The timeline has crossed the hot summer to Jinfeng's autumn. In order to enrich the cultural life of the employees, strengthen the cohesion of the company's team, and all members of the POE technology organization, all members of the POE technology organization have two days and one night.Chen Xi slowly opened the predecessor and came to the world with freshness. At 8:30 in the morning, a neat team, we marched on time to the destination "Eastern Overseas Chinese Town".

After arriving in the East Overseas Chinese Town, the first stop of our [Little Train] from the scenic area from Chaxi Valley through the Grand Canyon, everyone experienced the autumn wind blowing from Xu Xu and enjoyed this beautiful scenery. When there is no noise in the urban area, the mountains and rivers are flying.

At noon, we enjoyed a luxurious and rich meal, and a little rest opened up the game of playing.

First of all, we came to [Grand Canyon Waterfall] with a width of 300 meters wide and 42 meters high. Here is a photo of all members to record this wonderful beginning.

Interacting with the parrot in the Grand Canyon Waterfall, the beautiful and smart parrots make people can't help but shed a few photos to record this moment.

Next, we came to the thrilling [Rapid and Yongjin] project. This is a large water project. Everyone needs to take it in a small boat dedicated to the scenic area. As the waves move forward, they come to a "giant giant with five or six meters high. The slide "rushed down at a lightning speed. The most important thing is that this" giant slide "is not only five or six meters high, but also close to 90 degrees.

After a brief thrilling, we started the [Angry charge/live CS] project. This is a stimulating laser simulation gun battle, and everyone freely forms the red and blue team to confront.

After fierce confrontation, our Red Team tacticals were frequent, and teammates united to win this victory. We are right next stop

[Fantasy Transfer Cup] The challenge was launched. After the teapot and tea cups, the equipment was started, the large turntable and tea cup rotated at a constant speed. Among them, the tea cup could also be rotated, so that everyone had a feeling of unknown or leaving.

After experiencing the stimulus of the fantasy transfer cup, we came to the American -style town [Hayfield Town] with the theme of wine culture. In the entire process of brewing of red wine, it performed the red wine town at Napa Valley, California, USA.

After feeling the style of Hayfield town, we took the ropeway/cable car in the scenic area to continue to the [Yunzhong tribe]. The Genting Tourist Area of Heroes Valley is the best viewing platform for overseas Chinese in the east.

In the end, we came to 110 meters high, from the [Natural Eye Tower] at 480 meters above sea level, inserted the cloud of sightseeing at the top of the mountain, and took you to enjoy the spectacular 360 -degree mountains and sea panoramic views. Looking at the full transparent glass outside the tower, the cliffs under his feet, the clouds beside the clouds were fluttering.

After experiencing a small forest train, the Grand Canyon waterfall, the rapids of the rapids, the anger charge, the Yunzhong tribe, the natural eye sightseeing tower, etc., the day has quietly ended. In the evening, we ate together and discussed this pleasant day today.

After one night of rest, after eating the rich breakfast the next morning, we set off to Guanhu Beach and started a new day of journey. Facing the warm sun and comfortable sea breeze in the morning, we came with a collective photo record of this good day.

On this beautiful beach, we played several interactive games such as building towers, traveling around the world, and passion for 99 seconds. All games are challenging to team members, so that each member participating in Happy mood.

Through some of the above games, the new team members are more familiar with the team, and at the same time exercise the team's cooperation ability and execution.

In the afternoon, we entered the journey of the return journey and this two -day group building. This annual tourism activity not only reflects the company's care for employees, but also enhances employees' feelings for the company. The communication between colleagues and colleagues, enhance the company's team cooperation spirit, let us strive together, work together to create POE technology beautiful tomorrow.