Let love accompany, ten kilometers are not a problem

Golden Autumn October is the season of harvest and the best time for hiking. On Saturday noon, the company organized all members to start a ten -kilometer walking on outdoor for "pleasing hiking, pleasant Kangkang, pleasant".

What goals and plans? Let's talk about it! Before the start of the hiking, everyone will gather together to enjoy the special lunch, and make sufficient energy reserves for the next activity.

After lunch, everyone started to set off. All members were divided into four teams:

aerobic team: walking thousands of miles, good mood every day

Cool running team: Wonderful, cool running the future

Vitality team: Happy hiking, youth forever stays forever

Light team: strong body and health, unlimited charm

Everyone is full of passion and endless vitality. Everyone wants their team to get the first

The hiking line arrangement is unique, we can't help but sincerely praise the ghosts of nature! Nature is really a genius painter, and it depicts the earth and mountains and rivers so beautifully.

The warm sunlight passed through the green leaves and printed in front of the road, the breeze blowing her hair and blowing across her cheeks. Although stepping on the uneven road in the mountains, I was excited. To the middle, we reached the position of the graffiti wall. Everyone took a break and posted a variety of beautiful postures to take pictures, leaving this eternal beautiful moment.

In the end, through our unremitting efforts, the persistent spirit has gone through a long journey for 2 hours, and the cool running team reaches the end with the efforts of all members. Followed by the aerobic team, vitality, and light team. After speed and creative evaluation, the Cool running team won the championship of this hiking game with an absolute advantage.

This hiking activity allows everyone to exercise, and let us understand the truth. No matter how long, you can finish step by step. No matter how short, you can't reach your feet. Life is like a hiking, walking through thousands of mountains and rivers to enjoy the most beautiful scenery. As long as you set off, you will arrive.