Spring in my eyes

The grass -long warbler is getting warmer, which is a good time in spring. Before the hot arrival of Shenzhen, go outdoors to experience the spring green of nature.

On February 25, POE organized a hiking activity with the theme of [My Eye]. Event location [Yinhu Mountain Greenway]. Yinhu Mountain Green Road is known as the most beautiful green road of Luohu. It is about twelve kilometers in length. The road passes through the road. From Yinhu to Bantian, the roadside scenery is very beautiful.

Facing the gentle spring breeze, we took a brisk step, we set foot on the twelve kilometers of journey.

Yinhu Mountain Country Park is really a treasure forest green road. It is full of green eyes and fresh air. It is a landscape all the way, and there are not many people. Walking on the quiet stone steps, the bird called cicada, and it felt like a second in summer. In the bright spring, spring is desirable and intoxicating.

To the middle, everyone can't help but take a photo with this beautiful spring. The surrounding scenery is like a beautiful oil painting. Walking on the road of spring, everyone has not forgotten to collect natural elements to depict this bird's fragrance and vibrant spring.

Take a trip to the landscape and enjoy the landscape all the way. We follow the green all the way to find spring together. After three hours of hard work, everyone has reached the end of our event one after another. Although a little tired, it is very happy.

Everyone took out the natural materials collected all the way, and made together to make spring in their own eyes.

Members of all groups have exerted their own thoughts and through the natural elements that have been seen and collected through this road. Everyone's idea of spending one leaf depicts the spring that belongs to themselves and the team.

This hiking is not only a perfect spring experience, but also allows everyone to recognize themselves and nature again. Taking every hiking as a trip and traveling to peace, you can also have different scenery and different moods.