The beauty of calligraphy, inherit Chinese culture

In order to enhance the emotional exchanges between the company's employees, We recently held the "Calligraphy Exchange Conference" event. This is a useful attempt to break the monotonous workplace and enhance feelings.

At the event site, the two teachers conducted live demonstrations and explanations for everyone, let everyone understand the basic knowledge and skills of calligraphy, and let everyone appreciate the calligraphy works of different styles and genres.

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Calligraphy is one of the treasures of Chinese culture, with deep historical and cultural heritage and internal aesthetic value. The theme of this Pcbamake event is based on the "Calligraphy Exchange Conference". It aims to promote the essence of Chinese culture through the spread of calligraphy art, improve the cultural literacy and aesthetic level of employees, and inject new vitality and connotation into the company's cultural construction.

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Calligraphy makes the temperament of employees elegant and tasteful. The dignified and dignified font of the strokes shows the washing of the spiritual field.Pcbamake's employees walked into the realm of Shuxiang at this moment, and the soul was beyond reality. Excellent writing has been praised, and at the same time, it has also stimulated the interest of other employees to further improve. The mood of "I must ponder and write a better work!"

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Although this calligraphy exchange meeting, although many people have been in contact with calligraphy activities for the first time, they have improved different cultural literacy and aesthetic levels. At the same time, they also bring different feelings to daily exchanges between colleagues. We believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, we will be able to continue to innovate and develop, and write a better future!