Under the lychee tree, spend a total of midsummer

Summer is most suitable for eating some refreshing and sweet fruits to relieve heat and heat. Among the fruits, there is another delicious product called the "King of Fruit", which is lychee. Litchi meat is tender, and the juice is sweet and sweet. It is rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, sugar and protein, which is good for health.

In order to allow everyone to enjoy the gifts of nature and feel the fun of farmers, we organized once. The event time was on June 16th. The location chose Nanshan's Xili Farm. Many varieties of lychee are planted here, such as concubine laughter, cinnamon flavor, and glutinous rice tadpoles.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, everyone gathered at the door of the company and took the bus to the fruit field. Appreciate the city's scenery along the way, laugh all the way, everyone is looking forward to this event.

After arriving at the fruit field, we are about to start a litchi picking journey. In the fruit field, a green is green, the fruit branches are leafy, and the air is full of fragrance. Seeing those bright red lychee, our mood became very excited and excited.

Some of them climb trees, some step on stools, some are picked up under the trees, and everyone eats while picking up. Everyone is involved. In the process of picking litchi, we not only felt the beauty of nature, but also felt close connection between teams. Everyone is trying their best to take off their fresh litchi in their own way. The whole activity is very happy and happy.

Look at the litchi tree,

Someone is chatting,
Someone is tasting,
I always feel somewhere,

How beautiful life is.

After the event, the company prepared a box of lychee for each employee to take home to share with the family, and everyone harvested a full box of lychee. Through this activity, everyone not only tasted fresh and delicious lychee, but also enhanced the feelings and team spirit of colleagues. Everyone said that the event was very meaningful and fun.